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Patches and inhalator

I have been told by my GP I can't have both on prescription :mad:

I need both cos I am a usesless bloody lump *sigh* I have about a weeks worth of inhalator (I get through less than 1 cartridge a day) so I don't even want loads :o

Guess I will have to go buy some but I just wanted to have a rant here because it made me tearful, eejit that I am lol :o

Aunt flos come and quitting isn't easy and I don't feel that supported by my GP :o

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Why can't you have both? :confused:



So very sorry your having Hard time. They would only give my oh patches so he buys gum. So the visit is not taking your mind of the fags then HEHE. Is it a case of ( all visitis are welcome some by coming some by going ) Hope you feel better soon Linda xxxxx


It seems that many GPs haven't got a clue just how hard this is; in consequence there's not the support that there should be. In effect, quitting will save the country money in the long run since we will be less prone to nasty, expensive diseases. so anything that helps should be prescribed. Can you appeal Buffy? Someone on here knows about that stuff.. now who was is...


Pah why can't I have both?? no idea they didn't say don't do both they said they will only prescribe one or the other :mad:

I guess appealing would be an option (hows yours going?) but I don't mind buying it.

Silly really, just made me feel teary and soppy and hurt when they said 'No' :o

Aunt Flow is a metaphor for the decorators in ;)

Just feeling soppy! I don't want to smoke and I won't smoke but It's just a bit of a struggle, funny the two things do feel totaly unconnected now. Guess thats kind of positive?


Cheers Boudee x x a hug is always warm and lully :D


you should be able to have both no two ways about

I would go back and argue the point becasue they are not being fair

:o I would cry Boudee, really, the way I am feeling at the minute I would be a blubbering fool and they'd prolly send in the white coats! :o


:o thanks x x x

My nursey did try, she's leaving now, no more cessation. Even if she was a smoker she was better support than none! lol

Just got to try and stop this rawness and sobbyness grrrr I do not like being like this :o


Sorry Buff Im so stupid

Hope you feel better soon they say eat every three hours carbs are best. Linda xxxx


More chocolate?!! :D

*giggle* that woke the boys up :D


Sorry Buff Im so stupid

Hope you feel better soon they say eat every three hours carbs are best. Linda xxxx

No your not x x x

Thanks Linda,

I will do that and hope I get a lift thanks x x x x x x


Sad to say but's it's all about saving money.

Some doctor's will prescribe both some won't - it all boils down to what we allready know - it's a postcode NHS. I had the same problem over the champix recently, on a previous quit when I used the patches and the inhalator I had the same problem.

What my advise would be to you - is - Have the inhalator on prescription - mainly because these are harder to get cheap. And buy the patches yourself - many of the supermakets/multiples have started doing the patches and lozenges under their own brand and are are little more then the cost of a prescription anyway - also ebay has loads of patches available.



I have been quit for 5 Days, 14 hours, 26 minutes and 25 seconds (5 days). I have saved £60.76 by not smoking 280 cigarettes. I have saved 23 hours and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/02/2008 21:17

Ahhh ha!! thanks Sue!!

Very good advice thank you! :D

Buffy x x


A popular high street chemist is doing patches half price :) woo hoo

I have enough reward points to do it that way and not pay anything so yah boo to my GP :p


hehe oh good :D

Things looking a bit brighter :)

Feel slumpy still *sigh* so it's finding the energy to go to said high street for said high street chemist to get said half price patches :o

Are noodles carbs?? had a bowl about half hour ago.

Got a headache too kinda falling apart today! :o


:eek: you'll get banned swearing like that here!!

w*** is blasphemous how dare you!!



FFS bad to worse :mad:

I have to get my daughter from school, she's been distressed for 45mins,

cos of lumps in her yoghurt?!

fussy mare arrrghhhhh

back in a bit with valium :rolleyes:


Hi Buff

we are on half term down here in swansea. When is yours then. Linda xxxx


next week, it's crazy half the schools are this week and the other half next week, parents are upset because they have kids home this week then their siblings home next week!!

She's ok don't know how I am going to get through this fussiness, the others gave into eating in the end, they all eat anything and everything now, beats starving!! she is much more stubbern :rolleyes:

Apparently the dinner lady saw a lice in her hair, thats why they called!! I know that for a fact she is clear I have spent £12 on hedrin and treated her hair both last week and this week! with that, every sunday I ccomb through all their hair with conditioner and a nitty gritty comb, remember this convo? lol

The teachers were surprised that I was there! they had calmed her and all was fine, they said they looked at her hair and saw no sign!! they reckon the dinner assistant got in a strop with her crying and made excuses to have her removed!

they have said that they will get her to eat more but a few of them don't eat, teacher said the main upset was she couldn't sit by her friend. They seem to think the assistant is not very good at her job :rolleyes:

Sorry for ranting on :o I have had pain killers and 4 doses of rescue remedy lol time for a large coffee me thinks hehe


I agree I dont think she is right for the job if your dealing with little ones you need to be a nice person after saying that she is not nice. If I was doing that job and did see a nit I would not say a word not to upset anyone. My daughter was really fussy eater when she was small it was a nightmare to get food down her. Soon as she started her monthlys she didnt stop allways watching the calls now. HEHE


Thanks x x

Will seek comfort in the 'it's a phase' thing :D hehe

for now I will just have to resort to bribary :o

~I have checked her hair, nothing :rolleyes:~


I am so sorry to hear about you not getting both, I would try and make another appointment to see one of the other doctors on the panel or see if there is a smoking cesstation group in your area, these guys are trained and know what works

Chin up x


Thanks yoyoyo x x x x

Will take the group therapy on board x x

~Buffy x x


My smoking clinic guy gives me patches and inhalators and my hubby has both those and lozengers as well

I think that's really mean not to give you both, they should be doing everything to help you


Thanks Angela x x x I will continue on through, I felt unhappy at the time I felt red and ashamed then I felt angry at being made to feel like that :o

It is mean :(

~Buffy x x


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