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First day of stepping down patch strength

Hi everyone,

Here I am on day 40 and changed from 21mg to a 14mg patch at 6:30am. Feeling a little antsy at the moment, but I don't think it's anything I can't handle. I recall a similar experience last time I quit. I got through it then so I can do it again!! :).

I hope everyone's having a great smoke-free weekend.

Ed xx

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Fingers crossed for you that it does not give you too much trouble

You seem a pretty determined individual, so sure you will be fine.


Afternoon Mr Ed :D

You will be fine, like you said you have the knowledge of stepping down and so you know the "feelings" and "signs".

You are much more stronger than the last times Mr Ed :D Therefore you WILL be able to handle any of the signs.

Stay focused and stay positive and before you know it, you will be wondering why you was worried about this step down..


So proud of you.



Thanks Genes and Your Highness :p,

Going well still today. I'm definitely aware that there's been a change but in all honesty it's not too bad. As I recall from my last quit this only lasts a day or two before my body adjusts. I can cope with that!!

Everyone stay on the case and we can all beat this addiction. Be especially vigilant if you're feeling a bit down or tired. That's when your resistance is low and that's where the danger lies. Don't let a plant beat you!!!

Good luck!!

Ed xx


Go one Ed you can do it. Be a day or so and you won't notice the difference anymore.

Stay strong :D


Well done Ed, glad to hear that you are coping with it fine!


Hi Ed

Just read your post on going down a dose, i do think u will be fine my good man. I dont think that the change you have noticed will last too long.

Enjoy the rest of your smokefree weekend and i will join you on Weds in Month 2. Keep me a seat warm oh and a nice glass of baileys and ice please too ;)



Go Ed - you can do it! :D


Sounds great! You're one step closer to complete freedom!... it must feel pretty good if you really think about it :)

Hope you had a good smoke free weekend, I definitely did!


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