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question about cutting down on 24 hr patch

ok so its officially my 1week {well week1 plus 1 day ]

ive been thinking this evening, im feeling really good, my mind habits are doing well, not missing the hand to mouth part of smoking to bad, so I 'think' im ready to maybe cut down on my 24hr patch, meaning taking it off over night

I just took it off now, and im going to see how I am in the morning, as by next mon I want to go down from step 3 to step 2, so getting ready for it, obviously if I wake in morning and crave for a cig I can always put the new patch on and carry on, no biggie, is this the wrong way to do things? anyone else done this? I just feel I do not need to have it any more when I sleep

i no i could be trying to run before i can walk, but i will be sleep, it cant do any reall harm, if you have any advice then pls do let me know

kate non smoker for now 9 days on tuesday 25th jan!!!!

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Hi kate :D

9 days is great well done you

I didn't use patches but I have never understood why they use 24 hr ones as I'm sure people don't smoke in their sleep

you should be fine taking them off at night IMO


Marg xx


Hey Kate

Well done to you on 9 days. I don't see any harm in you doing that with the patches if you feel that is what you want to do then go for it.

I used the 24hr patches and because I had allergic reaction to a change of brand I took it off and didn't put another one on. I do carry around a patch though and lozenges on a just in case.

I'm not recommending you go patch free what I'm trying to say is to do what is right for you, if you wake up in the morning and craings are bad then stick another aptch on



well I survived lol took my patch off last night and we ok today! I did put another on, as I want to try and complete the course of patches so that i have a better chance!

but I tihkn from now on I will take it off each night :) I think the reason they are 24hr is that most people get there worst cravings first thing in the mornin, the patch dosent work straiht away so I suppose that could be a dangerzone as the person may not wait for it to take effect in the mornings and Have a cig, but having it already going in the patch it makes it easier and less likely to have withdrawel symptons

hope that explained it well, its my day 9 now still going good, just want to be free of the patches as in a way I do feel a bit of a cheat, as im not free from nicotine and that was the whole point, but hopefully in the next 6 weeks or so I shall wean off them :)


Hi Kate

Like you I feel as if I am cheating wearing a patch and not going cold turkey

but I know that would never work for me.

I am on the invi-patch so have always been on 16hr, its always been bad first thing in the morning but will power gets me thru it

just keep myself busy till the patch kicks in

good luck with the quite

this is day ten for me it gets easier as time goes by

I am terrified to go on to stage 2 all my other attemps have always failed when I reduce the strength of the patch for me its like starting all over again





I started with the 24 hour patch but it upset my sleep patterns and gave me bad dreams. As a heavy morning smoker I was worried i'd struggle with the mornings if I woke without a patch but that wasn't so. Do what feels right for you. Bill, some people use BB's way of cutting a small bit off a day to wean themselves off completely, some just do the whole course. I used the cut a small bit off type method and it worked very well for me. Its really entirely up to what your body and mind tell you to do though! Good luck and well done!!


Thanks everyone, I also thought I would be bad this morning , but I really didnt feel to bad, it just seems wierd tht I am finding this incredibly easy, I am not wanting to look for problems but jeez come on they surly have to come at some point?

I feel hhappy to take the patch of in the night before sleep and put another in the morning, I did think it would be like demented is experience and it be hell in the mornin, but t wasnt so bad

So I think for me the best thing is to do is take them off at night, there fore kinda reducing so next week, I wont feel it too much when I change down a pactch, 'demented' mention thats when they have a problem and are worried, so I think what I am doing will help me with the step down, for demented, why dont you try that a week or few days bewfore you go a step down, see if this helps you with it hun? may or may not help, but if it works then you will have a better succesful transition to the lower step :)

I go to see the stop smoking nurse on monday will be week 3 and 1 day and that point so I just hope she lets me go down to step 2, if not then I will just cut them up when prescribed

end of day 9 now, and it seems so long ago that I smoked, it just seems 'normal' to not have a ciggie now, dont even think about it first thing in morning now either which feels great


Well done getting a whole week completed. I used 24 hour patches but they gave me bad dreams so my nurse told me to take them off at night and put one on as soon as I woke up and before getting out of bed, this worked perfectly.



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