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No Smoking Day
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Last day of 'full fat' patches

Hi everyone,

This is my last day of using the highest strength 'full fat' patches. I step down to 'semi skimmed' tomorrow. I remember from my last quit that each time I stepped down I felt a bit of a jolt for a day or two while my body adjusted to the lower nicotine intake. I don't recall it being intolerable and it can't be any worse than my first cig-free day so I'm confident I can cope.

Stay strong with your quits everyone. It's not an easy ride, but well worth it in the end!!

Ed xx

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Hi Ed,

I didn't get affected when I went onto the middle dose, only did the strong one for 2 weeks due to side effects, however I really noticed stepping down to the weakest strength! But it wasn't as bad as the early days so I reckon you'll be fine!

I'm due to stop patches altogether after tomorrow but am going away Monday and don't want to ruin it if I feel a bit tetchy so have bought another weeks load and then will be stopping after them! Feel a bit anxious about it but I can't wear patches forever!

Jane x


Thanks Jane :).

I reckon I'll be OK. I think it's the thought of change that's preying on me. Although I've gone through a few tough periods during my quit so far, I can honestly say that the thought of quitting was harder than the actuality of doing it. I reckon it'll be the same with stepping down the patch strength. I'm prepared to be a little uncomfortable for a day or two though.

As you're due to come off the patches, why don't you see how you go without? You can always slap one on if it starts getting too tough. As you'll be on holiday you should be able to relax more so that might make the transition from patches to 'naked' easier. Obviously you must do whatever you feel is necessary to maintain your quit though.

Good luck!!

Ed xx


Wow Ed, That has come around quite quickly that your changing your patch strength already cos thats the 6 weeks first part, is that right.

I think u will be ok though. Let us know if you need us but i do think you will be ok.

Have a great weekend my friend



Hi Ed, well done!

I am not sure about how downgrading the patches make you feel, as i didnt use them, but i am SURE you will be just fine- i have faith in you!



Hi Jo,

That's right. It's the six-week mark, although in my case it's actually two days earlier than it should be because I had two days when I intended quitting but ripped off the patch and caved so I'd already used up two patches from my first box :o.

How are you doing hun? You were finding it a bit tough recently. I hope you're OK now.

You have a great smoke-free weekend too!! :)

Ed xx


Thanks Claire :).

I think I'll be OK. It's just the thought that I'm dropping my dose that's a little scary. My recollections from my last quit are that it's a bit bumpy for a day or two before it settles down again. I'm ready and prepared for that!! :).

I hope you're doing well :).

Ed xx


We do it differently here. I'm on the 21mg patches until 8 weeks, then 2 weeks on the 15mg then 2 weeks on the 7mg I think. When i quit first time around I never felt any difference when i went on the lower dose ones, hopefully you won't either Ed xx


Hi Ed

Im doing ok thank you for asking. Im off out tonight, first time as an ex-smoker with smoking friends so will be fun. :eek:

I dont see them very often so i should be able to manage a night without needing a real cig, i will take my ecig and if i feel the need i can have a puff on that but i dont think i will need it. I think the only time it will come out is to show them the little nico free ciggy. I doubt if they have ever seen one before and would be a little amazed at how it works, looks, feels and tastes.

I would not be ashamed to continue using the Ecig for the rest of my days if it meant i never smoked ever again. There is nothing in the ecig apart from water vapour.

Anyhow, keep up the good work you. I will let ya know tomorrow how tonight goes. I cant wait now, i think i will have a nice bit of Rump ;)



Hi Cap'n,

You are going to be fine Ed, I have every faith in you. I think, like giving up in the first place, it is the thought of it. Doing it won't be as bad as you think it is going to be.

We are here for you hun, if you need us :D

Sian x


Damn you Jo!! :D. I just fancy a nice juicy rump steak now!! Have a great smoke-free time tonight.

Karen - I guess each patch manufacturer has a different regime. Mine's 21mg for six weeks, 14mg for two weeks, 7mg for two weeks, then 'naked' :). I'm hoping the transition tomorrow won't be too traumatic. Whatever happens you'll hear all about it here :p.

Thanks Sian. I'm hoping I won't have to lean too heavily on here but it's lovely to know the support's there if I need it :).

Love you all!!!!

Ed xx


Hope it all goes well Ed.

We are always here for you


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