No Smoking Day
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33rd day

HI all...

Hope your all ok...well I did it...I got through the wedding...and even had a couple of bottles of couple of times were a bit, harry karry...but they were gone as quickly as they came...

So I was well chuffed...only had one lozenger today so far hopefully things are starting to look up a bit now...

I will not be a slave to the crave

smoked for 36yrs

20 to 30 a day, and sometimes more

last smoked 16. 2. 10

lozengers and will power..and this forum

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Well done, getting through a wedding too, I haven't been that brave, have actually been more of a home girl than usual, which is pretty hard seeing as i am a single mum of two with no social life!!

Have just had an invite to a 40th party, so that will be my first big test! Not until 1st May, so got a while to get through yet.



Well done lindlou, glad you enjoyed the wedding.

The next social outing will not hold as much fear for you now as you have proved to yourself you can do it :D

Gaynor x


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