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No Smoking Day
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Still learning but passed the Day 1 exam

Evening all,

Well, day 1 was not too bad all things considered! I either had a lozenge or a Wurthers original in my mouth but definately NO unmentionables :eek:

I was actually surprised that I didn't suffer from the dizzy, spaced out feeling although I know the lozenges would have helped with that. I am soooo tired all the time that more often than not the light is on but no ones in anyway so doubt anyone noticed the difference!

Had a good nights sleep. Woke to the alarm and it wasn't till I switched it off that I realised I had no you know whats ( Don't want to say the name :rolleyes:) Came down, made a cuppa then planted my bum on the sofa instead of smoking a couple before I could even think about getting going.

Found it hard to concentrate at work, bit bored, constantly sucking whatever was to hand (no rude jokes please) and went nowhere near the ciggie counter at lunchtime. Didn't even want to, get me hey!!

All in all I am a day and a half into my new life and not feeling too bad at all. Had a bit of a grumpy session earlier but I am sure my OH would say 'Whats new' :eek:

I hope everyone has had a good day.

G x

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Yay....well done to you!!!!!!

First day is always the hardest, the getting started,ect.

Lozenges are good arent they, i would be lost with outmines.

Understand about being cranky, its been my cranky day today.

See you in day 2.

Take care,



Well done Gaynor!

I remember the first few days were pretty weird for me too, although I must admit I was at home and off work due to my condition. I think the key is to accept that things are going to feel strange for a while... I don't want to lecture because I know you've been through it all before... Just make sure you don't fight the strange feelings and tell yourself firmly that you have decided to quit no matter what.



Thanks Anne. Good to see you are doing well on your quit. It's the best thing you can do for yourself AND Cody. :D

You are right about not fighting the strange feelings Alex. I know what is coming. I know how to deal with a lot of it. I also know that the things that have knocked me off a quit before where not worth it. Not even death. Not mine obviuosly :eek: Hey, I CAN do this. ;)

G x


congrats on your first day and congrats on a sound nights sleep i found sleeping a bit hit and miss at the start

keep going



Not even death. Not mine obviuosly :eek:

Well, that would put a stop to smoking for sure!



Greetings, hope the sun is shining with you all in more ways than one :p

It's lovely here today so hope it stays that way.

I am 2 and 1/4 days into my new life (not counting, honest) and feeling ok. Had an early morning hair appointment today so had something worth getting out of bed for and no thought of missing that first ciggie of the day. Now sporting a very different hair colour to go with the new healthier me :D Decided to get the bus home (nightmare) so had a bit of a walk home. My breathing was a lot easier than it would have been if I had been smoking but still a little laboured. Did get a pain in the centre of my chest which was rather unnerving but was almost home luckily. The damage done to my lungs can't be reversed but at least I can stop it getting worse.

In fact, I am feeling blooming good today. Happy inside, positive, almost bounding with energy (steady girl). Not felt like that for a VERY long time. Like the sun I hope that continues as well.

G x


What a lovely post. i remember that euphoria when i first quit i think its life telling us what a great choice we've made. keep going, give it a chance.

Mash x


Hiya Mash,

I remember from all my quits the early feeling of euphoria as well. What I have learnt that the early days of a quit (for me anyway) are relatively easy because you are so focused and stoked up on the process of quitting. Staying that way is the harder part (again for me). I have learnt that no matter how bad you feel or think you want a fag you HAVE to ride it through. I have given in always in the past but this time I have to grit my teeth and get through those days come what may. They WILL pass, of that there is no doubt.

Power to us all ;)

G x


Hi Gaynor, so glad you have begun your quit and by the sound of it you are doing great.

You and I like many others have tried and failed, but not this time eh.

We can do it Gaynor,

Love Joan xx


We most certainly will Joan :D

I am so pleased for you, you are doing fantastically well ;)

G x


Hey Gaynor :)

Brilliant to see you back on the quit track:cool:

All the very best to you .... go nail it :cool:

Pol xx


Go for it Gaynor




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