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Day 20 blues

Hi all :)

Not managed to get on here much this week. Day 17 was gross, and the closest I've come to smoking and been eating like mad for the last 3 days. I've been having a few 'one wouldn't hurt' thoughts.

Thing that's getting me is first thing in the morning. I haven't been dreaming about smoking, but the first thing I think about when I wake up is smoking. Not really a craving, it's just always on my mind when I open my eyes!

Had loads of headaches too and problems in the digestive department with excessive wind (sorry TMI but anyone else had this?), it's awful! :eek:

I gotta revisit my list of why I'm doing this I think. And I suppose I could be having a bad week even if I were still smoking?

Hope everyone is doing well and sorry for moaning :(

Catherine :)

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Hi Catherine

I'm really sorry you're having a dodgy week but I think stick with it.. it might be cos it's week 3 for you and lots of people on here say that's rough, the worst of the physical stuff has finished, and now it's me against my mind! I know what you mean about "just one" thoughts - yesterday at work I had loads of really strong urges, that I was surprised by and I found it quite tough again. Last night though, I went for a drink with two smoker friends and didn't smoke. Sat by the window and watched everyone outside smoking in the rain. Even sat there by myself when they went out together for a fag. And it was alright. I did kind of want one but not having one was also fine. Because it wouldn't be just one would it? Not for me anyway - try reading this - it's helped me

Also, my friends reeked when they came in. ;) All we can do is one day at a time, good luck today



PS - YES to dodgy digestion! That's a definite downside....


Thanks Vix, I'll check out the link. I just remembered after I posted that I'd read about the 'terrible 3's' and so week 3 can be rough. I guess if I know that it gets more bearable!

Well done getting through a night out with smokers. I don't think I could manage that yet, I've stopped alcohol in the early weeks as I know it's a strong trigger. My son has been smoking around me a bit and I just go away if it gets too much!

Thanks Catherine :)


Just read the link Vix, that's so helpful, thanks. I'm bookmarking it!!

Catherine :)


Hi Catherine,

im on day 10 having the blues.. am fighting the urge today not to smoke :mad:

As for the wind... yes i know exactly how you feel :o

dont apologise for moaning... coz all i want to do is have a rant today

stay strong



Top link Vix!

Stay strong Catherine, week 3 will pass much faster than the first two, i'm sure you can make it!


Thanks Snow and Rubicon!

Stay strong Snow, we got to get through this, it won't last forever. We've done so well, keep reminding yourself how fantastic you've done. I keep forgetting to pat myself on the back!

Glad some of you others have the wind thing! I thought it was just me. How long does it last? Some nights this week I've just gone off to bed early to save face and rick inflicting misery on the family! :o :o

Catherine :)


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