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No Smoking Day
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Hi 3 weeks tomorrow- I wasn't going to count days but its nice to be able to say I'm 3 weeks into it. Still on Champix, still cant go near coffee, I reduced my dosage to 1/ day, and I feel much better. I find if I don't spend time validating my cravings they become less of an event.

The last time I gave up, every time I had a craving, in my head I would go "Oh no not another craving, this is never going to end, I'm sooo unhappy blah blah blah- but I'm on to me this time!!!

I've worked out that the physical craving is a big fat nothing- its what you do with that whingeing in your head that counts.

For me, by the time I have registered that I am having a craving in my head the physical craving has actually gone. I've trained myself into thinking the words I don't smoke -instead of focusing on any discomfort-It works for me- Thanks Alan Carr.

Profound thought for the day- If the physical I want a fag cravings were as strong as you think they are- they would wake you in the middle of the night.:)

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Hi Michelle :D

Well done you three weeks done and dusted is great soon be counting in months now

Glad you're feeling better having lowered the dosage onwards and upwards

That's great post by the way


Marg xxxxxx


Hi Michelle

Well done you will soon be at a month. The Allen Carr book is great and so are the web sites in some of our posts, reading about the addiction helps a lot.

Wishing you loads more smoke-free weeks.



Congratz Michelle,

Yes there is a mindset which makes this quitting lark so much more doable!!

Looks like you've found in, and understand;).

Good work



Gratz on three weeks you are doing great.:) I dropped to one tab a day at 2 weeks and felt a lot better. I am now on half a tab and dont feel any difference.

Soon be one month for you ;)


Well done Michelle - I just love the positive NAILING IT.

Makes you realise who is in control doesn't it - YOU! :)




Hi Michelle.

Well done on your 3 weeks, will make the month before you know it ;)

Love. Gaynor x


Hi Michelle,

Congratulations you have done really well and week 4 wont be long and I like counting in days, weeks and have even been known to google it in hours and mins lol how sad am I. Don't answer that lol.




Months Not Weeks

Well done, soon be counting in Months...

Keep up the brilliant work Kaz :)


Thanks for good thoughts guys

I smelled an orange today- they smell divine, what have I been missing??:)


ah man - i keep getting that. I keep smelling stuff and going "god what the hell is that - that reminds me of something" and its something that youve smelled and associated with something in your childhood but dammed if i can remember what most of them are!

its quite nostalgic getting your smell back though. like being a kid again! i love it! though i have realised just how disgusting most of london smells - lol


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