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Day 20 -been abit tough


Hey folks, so day 20 and day 5 of my detox. I feel i need to say its day 5 of nicotine free because how you feel on day 5 cold turkey vs day 20 is very different, and i feel like i only gave up 5 days ago tbh!

so Had a few negative thoughts, only lasting 20 seconds telling me the ecig would of been a better idea, i think maybe this is a last chance at hanging onto the idea of smoking? like 'its better than a fag and you get to smoke kind off'. which would be great...not gonna lie..but I do want to be addiction free, thats my main goal in this and i KNOW there will be a day i dont think about it and that shuts the thought up.

Day 5 is always a hard one for me when i go without nicotine, dno why, always harder than 2,3,4 and proberly just a lil easier than day 1. Im hoping i feel better tomorrow. Im so tired its a joke literally eyes rolling to back of my head in lessons last few days. And i cant stop eating...Im goin sainsburys later and im going to stock up on savory snacks. Tbh..a few pounds wont harm me im a size 10 anyways so ill enjoy it! but I plan to start running from monday next week.

Ah i feel really happy in this quit, no real upset this time, no depressed feelings at all! dont wanna ring me own horn to much but im sure this is a quit for keeps, i just feel different this time xxxx

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Great stuff Nikki. Keep those positive thoughts!

I am so looking forward! If i dont smoke I never have to feel like this again! If i smoke I have to feel like this everyday...and for what to feel like a non smoker anyways! thats all fags do once your hooked...make you feel normal.

I suppose so, well if i help atleast one person thats ok then :D

This may sound worried that im eating alot so i bought a dummy lol an actual baby dummy. Just for these early days. so far its working and if anyone out there doesnt mind looking like an idiot behind closed door i suggest you try it! better than a biscuit!

sounds like your in a good place felic, its my day 21 tomorrow but see how ecigs n sprays stopped my recovery? im actually craving an ecig more than a fag lol weird.

thanks for the comments :) xx

its my day 21 tomorrow but see how ecigs n sprays stopped my recovery? im actually craving an ecig more than a fag lol weird.

Well done Nikki :)

I think that NRT that gives you a hit is a bad thing generally - am sure I'd not be a smoker now without the e-fag.

Did great on patches and the odd bit of gum but as soon as I got hooked on the e-fag it was bad.

Actually, I probably inhale less nicotine now than I did as a "non-smoker" on that thing.

You're right though, it's a bizare feeling isn't it?

I was at a friends on saturday and i really noticed she was constantly smoking her ecig. it was stuck to her hand! 5 weeks on it she has done. which is good, but she looked like she was suffering to me tbh..

Which makes me think, its as good as it gets to smoking...yet it still doesnt scratch the itch, and thats because the drug is the best from source..tobacco. and i think ecig just creates frustration like im puffin..and nope not getting that feeling.

Atleast patches are a programme. like 3 months and off you come. like you know its not a switch its a process. where ecigs are a *fix* or a swap arent they!

If and thats a very big IF i ever fail this quit then and only then will i go on a ecig long term, because its better than smoking for sure, but i wouldnt use it to use it as a swap.

good luck on your next quit gemma, i know you will do it again and succeed I can tell your waiting for that perfect moment. It will be soon :D xxx


Well done so far my love. I read ' this quit feels different ' such a key word Nikki, this is really important , because that usually means you are determined and are in a good place 'mindset wise' which is just fab.

Fi x

We done nikki, and such and an achievent and determination to switch to ct, that is great, keep up the quit and the positive attitude!

Really don't understand why you would say "if I fail this quit".

It's impossible to fail if you don't want to. Only you can decide to smoke. Go to the shops. Buy some cigarettes. Open them. Take one out. Put it in your mouth. Get a lighter. Pull on the cigarette and inhale the smoke. And then stand there for another 3 mins and smoke the whole cigarette.

To fail you have to make a conscious decision to smoke. It's not something that accidentally happens.

So.... Don't smoke.

All the best.

Nah it wasnt ment like that. I was just saying that would be the only time i would use an ecig on is if i was smoking....which im.not so ita hyperthetical.....i ment like eg im.not gonna bother using one. Chill! lol:D xx 21, that is so good. I take my hat off to you and I hope that you are feeling justifiably proud of your achievement. Keep up the brilliant work! :D



The ecig is fast becoming the new thing! I havent noticed it, as im done with bars and clubs till this quit business is a few months done... but apparently, people are now in smoking room puffing away at their egigs? What on earth is going on there? but i do agree... with other methods, the patch, champix... they design a program to slowly get your addiction under control with the end goal being to make you free of it. No method is 100% guaranteed to work and they all need 100% willpower and determination on our part... but this egig method? It really is replacing one addiction with another.. and albeit these egigs may not even have nicotine in em, if standing out in the smoking areas with them... it just sounds ridiculous to me. I get maybe people wanna feel like they are smoking inside, not needing to go out and use these... but even that sounds strange to me now. and as u said nikki... where is the program of quit element? people are meant to just get fed up of dragging away at this thing? And they cos just as much as a weeks supply of a pack of smokes if im correct, as do the other methods... but least they have an end date

I dunno.. to each their own.. but CT and complete black out on nicotine is the best method, without doubt... even if its the hardest at the start.

Actualy they are alot cheaper than normal cigs. I had a 'skycig' and you could buy the cartridge refills for £8.99 for a pack of 6 that was equal to 120 cigs! It is tempting i guess BUT nicotine isnt exactly good for you, it is a poisen afterall. what smokers really want is a malboro light that is 100% safe. and its not gonna happen! did you know that the tobacco companies are launching their own ecigs?? because they are losing that much money to them! makes me sick to be honest! makes me sick that if i was to sell something that killed people i would be arrested...they get away with it. no such thing as law my friends just money! but ha thats another story lol

but no, cold turkey is the best! its free and doesnt line the pockets of big pharma! (wouldnt suprise me if their in buissness with the tobacco companies, as NRT rates are so awful, they can refere customers back and forward to eachother).

BTW that wasnt a diss to NRT users, ive been one for two years, but the success rates globally are awful. :mad:

I had such a crap morning today i was yhe closest i came to throwing in the towl! But came round as wouldnt change anything here and now! Phew! Feeling better now.

Karri i get what your saying i think alcahol is worse than heroin tbh atleast heroin addicts can live to old age. Alcaholics cant! But unfortunately its about tax isnt it. Tbh i think how ppl quit depends on why they want to and how they want to. If ppl wanna use ecigs to avoid illness but wanna smoke i say well done to you! And if you want to break the habbit before the addiction go on patcges great! I think.if people wanna break rhe addiction and be dobe then these things arent much help. My uncle has been chewin gum for two years and has 2 fags a week. But bwtter than full time fags so i dont have an t have an issue tbh. My opionion on it all was more in relation to me and my reaskns like they didnt help me at all coz i dont find the habbit hard to break its the addictoon i really struggled with. 7 days ct im doin much better than last week two weeks on ecigs etc.xx

im actually craving an ecig more than a fag lol

that is exactly how I feel!! I have been smoke free for over 6 months now but nicotine free for only 1 month. I didn't even use my e cig much - maybe the equivalent of a box of ciggies every 10 days, but I have been thinking about my e cig a lot lately. I have no intention to smoke a real ciggie though - which is the main thing I guess!!

Well done Nikki - you are doing great!


Good stuff, Nikki! You're an inspiration to us!

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