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No Smoking Day
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Day 20

Sorry missed deadline for new thread on day 20 but here gos'. All in all looking back on last 3 weeks I would say that although I have and still do miss the fags on occassions (very few!), this last 3 weeks has been a rollercoaster ride and flown by and really havnt been phased that much by not smoking, as the benefits give me a much better kick than I thought the fags ever did!

Day 21 Week 4 now upon me and advice for anyone contemplating giving the fags the elbow is "Just do it". You have nothing to lose and loads to gain!!!!:D

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how to start a thread

Hi Geordie, and hi all

How do I start a new thread on here, still having probs navigating about the site and never know where to post stuff

Heres my log for the day. Its been my worst one since quitting 3 weeks ago. Felt good even a bit smug after running Friday night, and cycling y'day. today went to watch a mate run in a local road race and whether it made me depressed seeing all those fit people run for 9 miles when I know I struggle with one mile without a stop, or whether its cos I am just envious of youth in my advancing years I dunno. Came home at 1pm and have had a day long craving for cigs. Even bought some NRT gum to top up the patches and the inhalator. Tonight prior to coming on here, I have been curled up on the sofa like a baby, down depressed and craving. It got so bad my wife even told me to go and get some cigs with her blessing as I am just not happy. Then I thought of all the people I would let down- (thought also- do they really care apart from my wife?) Then I thought I would just be letting myself down.

Have put a new patch on and had a few puffs of my inhalator and am ok now.

I am beginning to think its not the nicotine but the habit. I cannot make anyone else understand so I genuinley hope and pray (yes pray) I have some sort of faith deep down, insofar as I love my neighbour etc.....that you guys do.

You are my inspiration and I am 100% genuine- maybe too genuine for my own liking.

I honestly feel empty and bereaved without a fag, and the bad days are bad.

My sis in law has recently died and my bro in law is in despair, his life is so lonely now, so my so called berevement is pathetic, but very real.

All this is real selfish, but if I cannot be honest on here, where can I be.

I'll help anybody in need and for a true friend, I'd drink theit bath wattter as they say in these parts. All i want from u guys is ur help, ur being there and ur commitment and sincerity. This quitting is doing my head in but I am detemined this time. My heart goes out to the other Ron- hey 2 ronnies, thats an achievement.

Stay strong folks- I nealry went under today, but still here and only 2 hours to go for the end of day 20 something.



Wow, kudos to staying strong Ron

It is hard for me also as I am constantly wondering who gives a crap about my health and what I am doing. (only on day 4) At the pool today, I got really crabby, and whiny to my lady about two guys swimming laps, but who kept getting in and out of the lanes, so i never actually got to use them. On a regular day, with the smokies, i would never have even cared. I want them so much that i'm evil towards everyone around me. I also realize how much of a nuisance i will become if i go back to them. At the corner store after swimming, I looked at all the pretty boxes behind the counter. They once again called to me, but i made it out with pumpkin seeds and chocolate. Ron, I have heard of people becoming so angry with not smoking, that they try and get mad enough so their significant others, etc, will tell them to buy smokes, and then they trick themselves into believing that it isn't their fault they are smoking again. You did good to curl in a ball... depressed or not, its not forever. I'm pumped that you can still look back at your reasons to quit. You, whether or not you think we all care, are a main reason for me sticking course. I thank you for your postings and staying strong. And never think there aren't more of us curled up cursing the world for the weed. I'm right beside you every time.



Cheers dude- cannot put into words how much appreciate ur response to my mental musings. Only half hour to go till the end of the day and when /i can get in my bed to forget the weed- only to wake up at 2.30 am and its wanting me again like f***ing Damien- am surprised theres not a brand called 666.

Today has been hell on earth, if this is what hell is like, thank God I have some sort of faith and might just possibly go upstairs when I die of lung cancer, but not as soon as I would have 3 weeks ago.

The quitting fags has been so surreal for me, that its making me surreal- so bear with me.

Stay strong and thanks- and hey whats up with someone swimming in the lane? When I am bad, someone just being there freaks me!

When will we all feel human again? Its got to be worth it- has it?



Wonder if brand 666 would come with a free pitchfork?

A guy once told me... give me a ciggie, and i'll give you a tube with a fire at one end and a sucker at the other. Figure thats about it. Amazing how time has gotten so messed up for me. When I have a craving, it seems like hours before it fades. Good luck with the sleeping thing. Perhaps it has something to do with you not being used to intaking nicotine while asleep, and now that you are on a patch, you are? I'm not an expert, so take anything I come up with with a grain of salt. 7 more hours till the end of day 4 for me. Wish I was in the same timezone, cause then it would go faster.



Too much nicotine

Hi Ron,

you're going to hate me for saying this, but it sounds as if you are getting too much nicotine. If you are on patches, gum and an ianhaler then that may not be a good idea. Don't get me wrong, I really think it is brilliant that you are on day twenty something and still fag free. I think its amazing. I also know that anything you do to stay fag free is positive .... and that includes using NRTs. However, too much nicotine may be upsetting your sleep.

I think you should seriously consider visiting a doctor and get checked up. Perhaps he can recommend some sleeping tablets or something natural to help you sleep. I'd also cut down on the alcohol at night and start to take something that relaxes your system before you go to bed. I know I seem to be asking a lot but I do think it will be easier for you if take this advice. Nicotine is a stimulant and too much of it will interrupt your sleep.

You should not be concerned about the depression thing - most ex-smokers feel that they've lost a mate when the first give up. This should only last a month or so. You need to replace the time you spent smoking with something else.

Apoligies Ron if I sound as if I am telling you what to do. I really want us all to quit here and it sounds as if you need all the help you can get. Keep at it - you're doing great.


Dont Give up Ron

Hi Ron.....got to this thread late but hey you wonder if anyone actually gives a damn if you smoke or not? Well lets see theres yor Wife and Family, all those adding their comments on here, oh yes and of course yourself!

None of us have ever said or thought that it's easy peasy lemon squeezy to get rid of the fags and no doubt when you get through this.....which you will.... sooner or later, you will reflect on these write-ups we all made and actually say....."wow is that how hard it got for me" and "is that actually how hooked I became on those little white sticks", both answers being yes of course, but you will make it through! If you dont have a fag at night I can practically guarantee that it will not effect your life one bit.......but have a fag and we all know you can practiacally guarantee certain things.....none of which are favourable!

I know you have found it hard to give up, look at a couple of nights ago, dont think you actually thought you would get through then but you did, same as you got through last night!

My wife would also say "go and buy some fags" if I wanted, but that would be the easy way out, all I would say is go and take a few deep breaths outside to de-stress, after all it will remind you why your giving up...fresh air, taste, smell, oh and life. Keep going Ron we are all behind you on this and at least later your advice will help others in same situation.:o


Sleep Thing

By the way Im still on patches......woke up at 3am this morning...back to sleep about 5am! These are causing havoc with sleep pattern but as long as they keep me off fags thats main thing! Must be getting better though as 3 weeks earlier I'd of got out of bed, went downstairs and smoked 3 or 4 fags (yes....stimulating my awareness even more) then went back to bed and still been awake! Hey ho here we go!


ron :- carbonneutral makes a good point.

It may be an idea to check the level of nicotine you are taking in. Sleep problems could be too much OR too little nicotine. If you have problems getting a doctors appointment, then a pharmacist will be able to give you advice. Tell them how many you used to smoke per day and how much nicotine (type of patches, amount of gum etc) you are using each day, they should be able to work out whether you are getting too much or too little.

Make sure you talk to the pharmacist, not the shop staff! The last thing you need with something this important (especially as you've come so far) is wrong advice.


Hi Carbon and Geordie and all

Ur right am on too much nicotine- but just neede to get by

Now take patch off at night and just on gum if get a bad craving, but better now and managed to sleep

Hope its the last major battle with the weed- but shuffed did not give in- cheers for support- cannot be on long tonight as going to dancing class with wife!!! thats gonna be a laff!

Cannot give up on my stella just yet- but will work on it-but got to get priorities right and thats the weed

Cya a round

back to normal tomorrow hopefully



woot woot

glad to hear you are doing better Ron, take care, you can do this!


Keep on track mate

Glad to see you keeping going ron.....u are doing so well.....Day 22 or 23 now.....going so fast. Hey Viking will you get NO Smoking day over Canada? Is smoking as frowned upon over there?:rolleyes:


NO smoking day doesn't exist here

NO, we don't get the day here, but I'll celebrate it with all of you... It is definetely frowned upon here, our country went smoke free in the past year, and the big city near me held out half a year longer because of the casino and a huge bar sector. I love being smoke free, and have entered a draw for my area to win a car if i can make it all the way through march, so thats as good as no smoking day to me... wish you could all enter too, keep your chins up, its getting way easier!



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