No Smoking Day
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hello one and all

not posted before,but have been lurking since I quit

just over a week ago,

was on about 30 a day,smoked for thirty odd years

I am taking the tablets,has been going really well

I dont know if its just me but had no really bad cravings,just the odd one after dinner ect,gum or a diet drink usually does it

I am at that stage where I am coughing up all sorts of gunk,

but hey I seem to smell more and taste things or is that just my imagination

having never quit before but am really determined to see it through,

the thing that made me quit was, a few years ago,I was in the pub with a few mates,one of the regulares was late 40s early 50s,he was coughing and spluttering,out off breath just going up to the loo ect,

he was on about 40 a day or so he said,

I thought that if I ever got to be like that then it was enough

and before I knew it I was nearly that guy,that was just a couple of weeks a go,

so there you go my reasons ect



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Hi Steff

Good reasons then hey!

Good luck with your stop. This forum is great for help and picking you up on those tough days. I was so worried about it all but after reading others signitures, posting loads and remaining strong i did it and so can you.

Angel xx


Hi Stef I am glad you saw the light and put it out,

I am the site (word removed) or so Im told, in fact just off to google word and see if I should remove it and I have cause its not nice, and I thought they were my friend LOL

I think you have taken a major step, a brilliant step in the right direction of being smoke free and healthier than you have been for over thirty years and if wasnt so late and I could be bothered I would list all the reasons why but I cant be bothered and Im sure that dozens of people over the next few weeks will tell you, all I know is your a clever man/woman and want regret it one bit and now I have finished rambling I will leave you in peace and go and annoy some one else xx


hi stef

congratulations on your week + quit,..Your doing so good

you must be proud of yourself

The worst part over.. well done mate x:)


Well done on your quit. Sounds like you've cracked the hard bit, now it's just resisting the junkie thinking that leads to falling off the wagon. When I get that I come here or go read The scary scary whyquit website.

Brilliant going, man. You should be so proud of yourself!



well another day and no cigs yyyyiiiiiiipppppppppeeeeeee

thanks for the welcome,

the thing is no one who has never smoked actually knows how difficult or hard it actually is,

as smokers we pay huge taxes on the ciggies and get virtually no help

we have to come to forums like this for help,which is a great thing

cause only we know how bad it gets.

jeeezzzz this is starting to sound like a rant

now wheres me chewing gum tee heee

still having another good day,



did not quite get what you meant with the word delete thing

pm me the meaning if its not for general consuption


Stef it was not for young or female ears LOL so cant tell you can I hee hee



well as I fall into none of these catagories thats cool


day 10

10 days,did I tell you

10 DAYS yyyyyiiiiipppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee

sister phoned last night to ask how I was getting on

she told I was doing good,

feel well chuffed to get this far,

nearly had a bad moment on friday,went out for a drive in the car

as the weather was ok put the roof down,

had a lovely drive,stopped at costa ect all in all a great afternoon

got home,

went to put the roof up no worky

holy s**t I thought this is not good,its the first time I have really

felt as if I was going to crumble, not sure if it was the thought that the roof is broken or the bill from porsche,if it was not going to be a ciggie then it was up to the loo,the loo won

got the roof fixed and a small bill as well,so chuffed to bits

and still not given in,

so for everyone on here well done for getting this far,

and keep up the great if very hard work you are all doing




Congratz on day 10 Stef.

Each stressy situation passed without a ciggie makes the next one that bit easier.

Keep strong!


day 10 xxx well done stef xx amazing..u sound so positive too x:) well in mate x


puffy thing

yesterday went to the docs to see the nurse for more tablets,

you will have to do the puffy thing,

the first time I did it the score was

37 YES 37

yesterday did it again the score was

one yyyeeeesssssssss one

what a absolutly fab result

in just over two weeks of not smoking,my count has almost disappeared

you will always have a count of 1 or 2 through natural polution

this no smoking malarky is getting better by the day

must admit though,

am getting a little disappionted

I thought that when I stop,I would have the right to become what everyone

would expect


tee hee

but thats not happened,if anything I am a little bit more cheery

keep up the good work boys and girls




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