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No Smoking Day
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Day 4 & Quite Moody


Not sure if it's becuase it's Saturday but am still struggling today. Have shouted at the children for no real reason other than I am a bit grumpy.

My hubby is still smoking so I know there are some in the garage but have so far resisted the urge to go in and light up.

I have read on here that my body was nicotine free yesterday so why do I keep thinking about it, kind of want to wish the weekend away and get to monday as cannot smoke at work.

Thanks, rant over xx:confused:

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Hey I had the same problems on day 4. I think it is because your brain has been aiming towards day 4 thinking "it will be easy becuase all the nicotine is out of my system".

On day 6 now looking back I can clearly see it was just a psychological response I was having on day 4.

I went for a nice long walk which got the endorphins flowing & I felt a bit less angry & upset with the world.

Do what you need to do to get through it - tomorrow's a new day ;)

Have you joined our 'mad March crew' yet? :cool:


Thanks Vesper, funnily enough just said after lunch we'll go for a long walk and they kids can come on their bikes.

Not heard of the mad march crew, what's it all about??



March Quit Group

It's actually called "March to Freedom" group, I've just dubbed it the mad March crew! Click the link in my signature (or go to user CP, top left, and click on social groups). ;)

It's kind of a little forum area for people quitting in March to share their experiences, a mini blog sort of thing where everyone puts in their 2p's worth & day by day trials & tribulations. I think there are a few in the group on day 4 like you, may help to buddy up with someone :D


Found it and just joined, thanks.

It's so comforting to know that there are others who are going through the same thing, always come on throughout the day esp when temptation hits.

Have a good day



Hi Sandrab and Vesper :D

Well done both of you ypu're doing fine but being a bit grumpy and thinking about them is normal after all they were our constant companions

Click the bottom link in my signature and scroll down there's a bit in there about the psycological part of quitting that helped me through


Thanks margareth,

Have saved that link to my desktop to read tonight as my hubby is out and sometimes I light up through pure boredom.

Have just bought pack of lollies to see me through to day 5



lollies are a great idea, they are saving my sanity at the mo! Today has been soooo difficult, my 2 year old has been in a right old mood, tantrums left right and centre:(

got through 3 this afternoon alone:)


Oh my..... what a foul foul evil mood i am in, i totally sypathise with you be a day 4 person too. :)


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