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Quitting & feeling depressed

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Hi I am new to the forum am on day 8 gone completely cold turkey, been smoking about 10 years, decided to look on the net because I've been feeling really down since about day 3, utterly miserable, and i've been reading up on this on the net and it seems that what i'm suffering is not only cravings but emotionally missing the comfort of smoking, which I was using to 'hide behind' in the face of other problems. I seem to cope with cravings quite well, its just the other...

Can anyone see what I mean? There's no support from pals as they think I'm just 'moody' cos I can't smoke.


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Hi Booya

I know exactly what you mean. I saw elsewhere on this forum - I think on the 6 months + thread - that thats the thing that nobody warns you of, that smoking hides the whole feelings thing. Smoking is such an addictive habit and it is a diversion from real life sometimes I think.

I remember one time me and my hubby quit we phoned the helpline cos we thought we were going mad after about 24 hours.

I definitely think there is something about smoking being an emotional crutch and missing it when its gone can leave you kind of empty. Maybe its almost a grieving of its own.

Anyway, keep at it. You're doing whole lot better than me anyway as I still haven't re-taken that step again! What I can definitely say from previous experience is that in no time you will feel proud of yourself and be able to breathe properly and smell nice and not have to engineer ways to have a fag in no smoking situations etc etc. You are free, and in a few days you'll start to realise this and enjoy it!

Good luck.

thanks Zema

I read that other post in 6 months+ and it is very strange that nowhere seems to highlight that we all smoke because of something emotional and psychological rather then just the physical addiction/cravings (as plastered all over the quit smoking campaigns). No-one warns you of this, Im glad I'm not the only one.

Though it does open a whole can of worms of things i need to sort out/face up to- which is the last thing i want to be doing right now admittedly.

I'm avoiding pubs, clubs, the living room, alcohol, anywhere with smokers really and want to cushion myself through the first few weeks.... not try and solve lifelong insecurities! Its so hard!

A friend of mine happened to be having counselling when she stopped and she said for the first few weeks it was all she talked about!

I guess its true that at some point we all have to face up to things, but remember that having a fag doesn't help it just hides!

Thanks for your replies Boudee & Zema,

I appreciate the encouragement and advice:o Since that first post I have replied to other people's messages with support and it is so much easier to encourage others then to help yourself sometimes(!) I still feel down but am trying to be positive- I'm on day 11 now, which at least has given me something to smile about and I must say how nice it is to have other people online to give/recieve help and support.

Best of luck for the weekend

(no pubs, clubs, alchohol for me-looking pretty healthy though!)

Good on You Booyaa

Didnt realise you on Day 11....well done.......sorry to hear you having the deppression mode now and again (see Rons entries he has same). I have been fortunate that I havnt had any because as soon as I get a craving I try to thing of other things......happy not sad...lol! It does work for me and I try to remain as positive as I can as my willpower only has the breaking strain of a kit-kat!

I cant do the pub thing at weekend either because I know the teptaion would be too much at mo.....however in July will be no problem eh. Anyway keep going and try to stay positive. Surely going this length of time without a fag must make you feel proud and that feekling will be greater than any deppression!


Sorry about my spelling all..........just that I have finished nights and sometimes at this time of morning my brain cant keep up with my typing! x

Hi all

Never know where to go on here- but just wanting to say hi to all and lets try to keep at it. I often feel empty, almost bereaved, very down and very alone, and if it were not for people around me, could have gone back on the cigs again.

Day 14 for me, minus 2 cos of 2 sly slips ( 3 cigs one day and 1 on the other)

But from now, its no more for me. Am on patches and an inhalator for when it gets bad, but its getting better.

Not gonna be patronising but if fag ash Ron can stop anyone can.

Can even go to pub and not bother. Felt bad that my clothes stank cos of everyone else, but good feeling to know I no longer stink like that.

In the past, have smoked when was ill, smoked in secret, picked up dog ends when was supposed to have stopped and went out with no money to prevent me buying them. Have even stolen money for cigs. As I say, if I can anyone can, but we have to be strong and it aint easy.

Take care all- Ron

Hi Ron

Ron the first paragraph describing......almost feeling bereaved, empty and alone was exactly same as father in law after only 1 day (he had hypnosis) and he was so UPSET (nearly in tears), he went back on the fags. That was a year ago and never a day go's by without him wishing he'd stuck the course.

Keep going mate..........thought father in law was over emphazing on feelings but similarities striking.

Chin up

I was a smoker for 30 years!! I am 44 and decided to quit 6 weeks ago. It is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have no more guilt feelings about becoming ill through smoking, I smell gorgeous and my skin and teeth look better already. Every time I think I want a drag I think of those horrible lines around my mouth that have just started and would only get much worse if I carried on. Keep thinking of all the good things about stopping smoking because they far outweigh the good things about carrying on smoking, honestly!

Grieving for an old friend 'nicotine'

A little late to bump this topic again, then I thought well no actually because other people will identify to this again and again so heres my tupence worth .

It is very common to feel like this after quitting. I have been told before on quitting that I will have to go through this stage as it is like having a friend around for years that is suddenly gone. this may help

Feeling nervous, irritable, depressed

Cause: The nervous system is affected by the lack of nicotine. Nicotine patches or gum mayhelp with this. For many people, quitting is also felt as aloss similar to grieving. Examine your emotions and where they are coming from. Then talk to a friend about them or write them down in a journal so that you can work through them. It is normal to feel a little down and even slightly depressed when you quit smoking. If your depression is serious and lasts for more than two weeks, talk to your doctor about using Bupropion to help you quit, or some other medication to ease your depression.

That came from this site in Canada.


I am sure there's loads out there for the UK too, the important thing is that no one feels alone in feeling such strong emotions during quitting, that there is help and understanding out there.

Always support here too x x

Good Luck, Buffy x x

Hey buffy

Well as you can see I started this post a couple of weeks ago but hey I am on Week 4 Day 2 now and despite how I felt things are a bit brighter now-! It's amazing because to be absolutely honest I knew in the back of my mind the non-smoking and feeling down were linked but everything seemed so bleak I wasn't at all sure what to do or how to help myself. (Being able to chat on the forum helped immensly).

Glad you've put that info on here, I hope that everyone who comes across this thread will find out about this 'hidden' side of the giving up smoking process and that it IS normal and IT will subside -eventually, partially if not totally.


heya Booyaa!

Nice one! glad you've past through nicely, yeah I saw it was old post but as you say its so much more common than people realise, in fact I have seen several other similar threads, so always worth a bump.

Glad you got back and replied here though, as it will be a good reference for others. That's the tricky stage, it sometimes follows on from the 'I have cracked it!' euphoria and it's a stage that can be a time to crumble, But not you!!

TBH I have yet to go through it again as I haven't reached it yet this quit time >_< hehe hopefully I may bypass the bleakness this time round.

Keep It up, Dead proud of you

Buffy x

Congratulations on making it to day11!

I'm with you on the personality thing. I've been swinging through depression, anger, anxiety, a feeling of loss, emptiness, and so many other things. There are good days and bad days, i'm finishing up my 18th day now. You are doing great in your quit, and when it gets tough, just go over your reasons for quitting. We will be here for you through anything, and we are all in the same boat. Chin up, they say it will get better :) I'm one of those peoples that thinks i'll want a smoke till the day i die.... but i won't touch em.

Vike smileys.on-my-web.com/repos...

Bump it up again

Hey, just found this thread and wanted to bump it up again as i can relate to it and i'm sure alot of other newbies can too.

I'm only in my 2nd week and i have 2 'depressed' days so far and it really feels like EVERYTHING in life is bad, but i try to remember its mainly the quit that is effecting me.

EVERY time i've tried stopping in the past, regardless of how or what i've used to help, i've always had stages with floods of tears and feelings of utter helplessness, but it does pass.

The worst part of it for me is that my fella does not know how to cope with it when i start with the tears, i have to keep telling him i just need a hug!!!

Anyway, bumping up this thread so others can see it is normal and it does pass after a few weeks.:) :)

Hi all.

I'm only on the fourth day and I have the same depression. It really does feel like either a part of me is gone, or I've lost a close friend. I'm glad to hear that it does pass and I'm damn well gonna stay the course.

I hope everyone on this forum gets through it :)



Hope your feeling better x x

Indeed, many have the depression and probably the worst part is feeling alone in it.

Glad you found the many other posts on this forum expressing the same feelings.

Stay strong, you deserve it.

~ x X x X x ~

Hello Cookie monster :D


Congrats on your quit ! I am glad you've found out that your not alone,

Welcome on board the good ship quit :D

Well done for staying so strong!

cold turkey for 17 days and feeling so rubbish!

Your a star!

~ x X x X x ~

Welcome Cookie

You will have good support on here and find out alot of things are we quiters get are the same. Its like one big family of quiters. Well done on your quit Linda

UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD .... Whatever you do is OK !!!!

Hey !!

This is the most amazing place!!

Pride and smiles for everyone travelling along this road.

I'm still at the beginning of my path. Cold Turkey and I are companions, we've been friends for the last 6 days. He can be a pain in the bum, but I think he just may turn out to be one of the best friends I ever had....

We all feel like shit sometimes, but you know what, that's OK too.



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