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4 months, 1 day & 15 minutes :)


Still have to keep pinching myself, 4 whole months - it's either a ****** miracle or i've deffo cracked it this time :D

Think i'm proof that you can be stressed everyday & still not smoke & i'm starting to think that if I can stop smoking, anyone can (this is me of smoking in the shower fame - hasn't smoked for 4 whole months :eek::D)

Well done to all of you who are still going strong, we are doing this :)

Denise x

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Great stuff Denise - still don't know how you smoked in the shower though! :D Congrats on four months, great achievement and keep going!! :)

Well done Denise, 4 months today for me too :D

Well done Denise and Hellers!!

Fantastic achievement be very proud

Very well done Denise (smoking in shower? - seriously how?) x ;):D

Oh, so sorry Helen, very well done to you too :D x.

Very well done Denise (smoking in shower? - seriously how?) x ;):D

Ooh I missed that first reading - how on earth did you smoke in the shower? :eek::eek:

Yes Hellerscatch, great going!! Well done on 4 months, be rightfully proud of that. Penthouse looking a real probability, hey!:)

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