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No Smoking Day
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4 weeks & 3 days (:

hi all (1 whole calendar month today hey arent i a guddern), yeah i am most certainly on a positive road at the moment..was told to book my driving test today by instructor eek!!4 week wait list so bit of breathing space phew...made me feel so good & even better the fact that i will be able to do a driving test without trying to cram lots of fags in before & think about them why doing it..happy days

Thanks for comments on yesterday post harleyquine you made me feel good when you mentioned acceptance it the final thing (didnt know that one) thank you

caz was at work today, but good idea for treasure hunt wen weather bit brighter ha ha keep coming with ideas for hols the more the better thanks

& marg i do feel better its weird that at this stage i feel in control maybe..just bit anxious of the patch weaning process, but i should just face that as it happens coz for today i feel good..

health questions anyone - got a funny metalic taste in mouth is that a possible quitting symptom?

ssssssssoooooooooo haaaaaapppppppppy kitttttttttt kattttttttttt

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Well done KitKat,

You are doing SO well.

Metallic taste??? I didn't have that but find that when I blow my nose & breath in after it smells funny????

Don't know what thats all about.

I expected that having COPD & not being able to beathe properly before I smoked that I would be coughing up all sorts of nasty things but didn't. So where did all the nasties on my chest go??? Sounded like I was drownign when I breathed before I stopped. Weird.

Anyway, you are doing brilliantly & are right to post so proudly :D

Love Gaynor xxx


thank you gaynor

yeah i feel good today but tomorrow who knows:)

r you doing okay, how long now? good to hear you


Thanks KitKat

Tomorrow will be 83 Days and £400 and 6 extra days of life

I am sure you will be fine tomorrow :) I feel it in my water LOL.

Reach 3 calendar months on my birthday on the 8th so will have a double celebration I hope ;)

Lots a luv. Gaynor xxx


aww gaynor that is so good, you must be really happy with yourself, hey yeah a big celebration in soon for a whole 3 months, what was youre quit method?


Hi KitKat,

I used patches for the first few weeks but came off them early. I also use lozenges which I am reducing the strength on. I know alot of people disaprove of NRT but hey, it has worked for me this time so that's all I care about :D

Have a good day KitKat.

Love Gaynor xx


Hi KitKat :D

Great a whole month well done you Big Hug for you

Also told to book that driving test and good you won't be worrying about smoking while doing it

Glad to hear you feel in control now always a bonus

The metallic taste thing I didn't have but know of it click on the bottom link in my signature there are lots of bit about symptoms so you may fine something in there to help

Don't worry about weaning off the patches for now I think maybe you'll find that as you go along you just do it naturally


Marg xxxxxxxxx



The metallic taste could be your gums bleeding. I've found that my gums have been bleeding more regularly since I quit, nothing too major as they'll heal faster and more oozy blood is a good thing cos it means it's not clogged up with soot :)

I can't lie.. I found coming off the patch to be a bit like going swimming in a cold lake.. i.e I paddled around a bit (cutting the patches down bit by bit) and got so sick of shivering that I just took the plunge and came off the damn things. Other people give themselves a bit more time before weaning so I guess it's different for everyone and you can try to find the right way for you to wean yourself off. As long as you don't smoke it doesn't matter how you get off the patches. I know for a fact that if I didn't use NRT I wouldn't be where I am now, so any anti-NRT preachers can stick that in their (was gonna say pipe and smoke it but they're non-smokers too..) em.. the preachers can.. [insert your own phrase here cos I can't think of an equivelent to the pipe thing] :rolleyes:


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