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I've tried to quit and messed up so many times, honestly I don't really know where to turn. I know I can goto the chemist and get gum, patches, inhalers etc etc to aid the quit but part of me just wants to do it on will power alone which I KNOW is possible.

The hardest part of my day is when a work colleague turns up at work, stinking of that disgusting foul smell, and that same disgusting smell and his presence alone immediately makes me want to smoke? I keep telling myself all I need to do is get through those 6 hours im at work but have seemed to fail everyday I am there...

Here are my reasons for quitting which I thought i'd share:

1. Health

2. Finances which will be put towards a holiday

3. Health

4. I don't want my younger relatives to see me smoke/smell my smoke.

5. I'm only 23 and don't want to be smoking when I am 40.

6. During my last quit (2 weeks :(), everything felt so much better..I felt more confident, my face looked more vibrant, my breathing had improved. Generally my health was amazing compared to when I smoked 10 a day..

I WANT THAT AGAIN!!! And will achieve it.

Alex on a random 1am rant.


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Hi Alex

Hi Alex

I am sure, no positive, that you can get through those 6 hours, just think about the time you will be leaving work. Any chance you can ask your work colleague not to smoke during work time to help you along. The answer will propably be no but worth asking.

If you want this quit enough you can do it, I am proof of that, I constantly thought of quitting over the years and never did. In the last few years I have wanted to quit even more but never did it, then I was diagnosed with cancer and I really wish I had.

So as you are so young and have the rest of your life in front of you please quit now while its easier, believe me after 40 years smoking it was very hard to do, but I have just reached 130 days. I saw my consultant this week and my cancer is in remission, and I just have to keep my fingers crossed, and not smoke ever again as it was one of the main reasons.

So Alex, please think about it again, and try to get through those 6 hours, I know the smell is awful, I now cant bear it when I pass smokers, weird after all those years.

But yes I do feel better, healthier, breathing is much easier, I am fitter, have gained some weight but I shall deal with that soon, my skin is much clearer and my hair shines. My family are so thrilled for me and the two who are still smoking are really envious of my quit, my husband is so pleased he bought me a laptop to celebrate my 3 months quit, how great was that.

Everyone on this site says read, read and read more, but they are right, educate yourself about the dreaded weed and what it does to you, keep reading all the way as that little demon will be there waiting for you, but I know you are stronger than him.

Do hope this helps you, if you need any help let me know.



Well Done!!!

Well Done Alexis!!!

Thats a fabulous achievement of your first day done!

Marvellous.... keep it up!

When craves strike, come on here and read and post, this forum has been the key to my now 4 month quit! and it gets easier... Promise!



Good for you! I am very impressed you are quitting at such a young age. At your age I felt I was invincible and just chuffed away with no thoughts of the long term issues. Here I am now at 41 with rubbish teeth i've had to have veneered as they are so knackered by smoking and a smoking wrinkles! Keep on quitting. Use the forum and read the links and work on why you want to be quit.


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