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Day 44 & off the patches

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Hi Everbody,

Today is day 44 for me & my second day without patches. I am on step 2 14mg & hope that I have not come off them too early. My nurse wanted me to stay on these for another week then go to step 1 for a month. The reason being if people come off them too early they are more likely to relapse.

I know for me there is NO chance of me ever smoking again but I also don't want to make it any harder on myself than I absolutley have to :p

Feeling very blue today but that may be because I have been on holiday from work this week & going back tomorrow :mad:

Well done to everyone, whatever stage of your quit you are on. What you are doing is a HUGE acheivement & one that you will certainly NEVER regret.

Love & Hugs. Gaynor xx

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Hi Gaynor :D

44 days is great big hug for you and off the patches as well by tomorrow night you'll be nicotine free

I think that if you'd come off the patches to early you would have known it by now and if you get desperate you can always slap one on but I think you'll be just fine now without them

You say you feel a little blue today but like you I think this is because you've been off work and tomorrow you have to go back again


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hey Gaynor good on ya!!! :) You are doing great and I KNOW you will be fine with out the patches as you are so determind and strong.

Wont be long before we are at the two month mark, we will have to get Marg to do us one of her famous parties wont we ;)


Hi Gaynor and Mel :D

Another party it is then but when need to know the date please ????

Don't forget July 17th we have one for Nic who takes the Penthouse by storm that day, cheltenham town hall for that occasion you both coming or what


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks Marge, Caroline & Mel for your messages :D

Another party sounds good to me ;)

Gaynor xx

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Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Gaynor,

Fab stuff on getting to 44 days. And great that you are now without the patches too - it may be a bit tough for a little while, but you know best of all that the time is right. Proud of you.

Stay strong


3rd day without patches

Hi Deke & Chrissie,

Thanks for your messages, means a lot :D

First day back at work today after a week off so felt yukky when I got up. Combination of getting up NOT when I wanted to, no patch & work :(

Have got through the day though & if I can do it at work I can do it anywhere :p

Well done everyone who is still meandering down the straight & narrow path ;)

(Does that make sense? I know what I meant LOL)

Love Gaynor xx

Hi Gaynor, glad you were ok at work without your patch you are doing really well. Hope Marg puts on a good party for us lol ;)

Hi Mel :D

Can do a party but you'll have to do the invites as going away on 1st July but back on the 8th just in time eh onlt just noticed the quit date


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Nice one Marg, have a good holiday make sure you take plenty of photos :D We can have it as a welcome back to you aswell as a double two monther party lol :)

Hi Mel :D

Ok you're on for that then my bus gets back about 6ish and take me about 1/2 hr to get home from town that time of day so maybe about 8 ish or a little after hows that suit the rest of you


Marg xxxxxxxxx

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