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Bad dreams and can't sleep again


oh I had the mother of all nightmares last night. I wasn't smoking one ciggie I was smoking two at the same time! And then I tried to hide it from my OH. I woke every hour last night and have done for the past few nights. I am working away from home this week and it's a pretty stressful time at work just now so maybe that's what's causing it. But today I feel like crying :(

I've now spent two whole days in the office and have another three days to go (I'm normally able to be more flex than this) and usually if I have to be in the office I go for a ciggie but I can't! I don't want to but I do if that makes sense.

ARGHHHHHH. Sorry for dumping this - just needed somewhere to share how I felt as I want to go home, curl up and go to sleep for a week. Either that or tell all the horrible people to go away and leave me and my team alone!

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Poor you

Must be awful not sleeping. I keep having strange dreams, but haven't had any smoking ones for a while, or XXX rated ones, mores the pity!

It must be even worse for you working away from home as well, you need home comforts when you're not sleeping.

Just think of it as something else to come and test you, you've done so well so far, and you're going to punch and kick this little pain away like you have with all the others.

Oh, and I vote for you to telling all the horrible people to go away - it will make you feel better, but may not do you any favours work wise!

I think the wanting/not wanting to go for a ciggie, is just an inbuilt habit. I keep looking at my clock at 10am and 3pm which were the times when i used to go outside for a smoke, but i couldn't call them cravings, more habit times.

Keep it up Trikeschick, you've done brilliantly so far. :D

Was logging in to post this on another thread, but I think it might help you ladies:

I've been having these too of late, it would seem it's perfectly normal!

Sorry you're getting thses awful dreams they do pass but I know that's o real help right now for you

The feeling you want to cry is normal as the emotions are all over the place in the early days but this to will pass just hang in there hun


Marg xx

Big hugs

Hey Trikeschick

Sorry to hear about the blue dreams (that's blue as in sad rather than the x rated versions) - I suppose it's such a shock to the system when we give up that it comes out in our subconscious through dreams. And it will take its toll emotionally too.

If it makes you feel any better, I kicked a bus stop the other day then promptly burst into tears. I am a grown woman of 36. It's not a great picture really, is it? :rolleyes:

Work stress doesn't help either, I know, but whenever I'm struggling at work and I think how much easier it would be if I just went outside for a ciggie with my work buddies, I remind myself how they don't help at all, they just increase the stress. Then I remind myself that I don't need any extra stress. Admittedly, at the moment this is followed by reminding myself that what I do need is cake, but I'm hoping this will pass....

Big hugs to you, days like that will be few and far between before too long...

Lottie x

well, u need to see if its part of your diet, a mental problem or lack of exercise or stress, im not sure. but if they are night terrors id see your GP and talk to them about it. id stay away from sleeping drugs as they are very addictive and if you have given up smokin` you will be vunerable to another addiction.

no point replacing one demon with another as they say.

hi there. i too have had some really awful dreams, smoking dreams too, i have not had the cant sleep thing yet i have been unable to get myself up in the mornings saying just another 10 mins, unheard of for me lol,going to bed real early too, talk to your oh about the dreams you have been having especially the hiding from him fact it may help???

read anything you can about the matters that rise. i have read its all part of the healing process......

i have no brain this morning cant remember who replied with the part that they kicked the bus stop and promptly burst into tears, thankyou so much this made me giggle, i can so relate to alot of the comments people make, yes quite normal to burst into tears for sometimes no reason at all lol.

keep at it yoour doing great, talk read breath cry post on here it all helps xxxx

Hugs to you ...

Hi Trikeschick,

Aww Hun, sorry you feel so sad. The lack of sleep will make you feel tearful ... I would actually advise you do have a bit of a cry .. it might help!! I got really cross about something the night before last and ended up crying in temper and because I felt sorry for myself ... I woke up yesterday feeling much better!! We just need to get the frustration out sometimes :(

I haven't been sleeping like I used to for 6 weeks now. I always slept heavily but at the beginning of my quit I had a lot of trouble sleeping and night sweats but it has clamed to waking up about once a night now so I am hoping it will eventually go back to normal. Then these bloody lines will hopefully go away hee hee!!

Try hot baths and a hot drink before you go to bed. Rest up when you can too to compensate for the sleep you are losing.

I hope you get through the next few days ok and then you can go home and curl up in your own house. The dreams are just your sub-concious trying to make sense of the huge change and will go. I had a dream the other night that a horrible ex I lived with for 5 years was chasing me and loads of boxes of cigarettes were all over the place too .. he was a demon and so represents the nictone demon!! It was horrid but you just have to ride with it.. those ahead of us tell us it will end so we have to trust them in the know!!

Take care - hope you feel better soon and WELL DONE!!


x :p

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