Dreams and heightened awareness

Now it's only been 3 days but I'm feeling as though something inside me is on the move. In preparation for this stop I have taken up yoga and gyrotonics to give me a bit of direction. My dreams are vivid, of animals, adventures, so much so that I want to roll back to sleep in the morning.

My pupils are huge so there must be more brain activity than normal - prob due to oxygen actually reaching it - and apart from the occassional urge to fulfill what was a lifelong habit, this is a really creative phase to being ciggy-free methinks.

Is anyone else having heightened .. awareness or whatever or am I just going loopy?

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  • Think we are all a bit loopy :eek:. Dreams can be really vivid when you quit, wait until you get the smoking ones, they are so real.

  • I'll watch out for the fags appearing by chance! Sometimes I can turn dreams around - last night I dreamed a friend's daughter went missing and I knew I couldn't wake up until we found her so went back into it and she left clues in her wake for us to know she was ok.

    I 'll watch for a SIGN. :cool:

  • Omg wish I could do that, I wake up sometimes and really believe I have smoked:eek:

  • Shojam, are you long-term nico-free and still dreaming of the habit? I need to arm myself!

  • i used to dream lots on patches and quite abit when i stopped the patches too i love my vivid dream i can control mine sometimes and have on occasions woke up and then gone back to sleep and back into the same dream

    i have had alot of smoking dreams over the time be careful they can be very un-nerving

    recently i had a dream that i had an argument and i rolled a cigarette and put it on my breakfast bar until i decided whether to smoke it or not in the end i decided not to and ran it under a tap then woke up, so it seems i have quit in my dreams to now lol


  • Hi Boo,

    For 30 odd years, I was a rollup smoker too and I think it's as much the ceremony of the rolling as it was the smoking that was habitual.

    That's so cool you made a conscious decision in your dream .. I think I would have had to have a waking moment to think about it before trying to back. But if you managed to think it all through whilst still asleep, maybe because you had encountered smoking in your dreams before, then not smoking must now be instinctive to you. It can't have been easy - well done!

    Suze x

  • i did wake up quite shocked and you know when u wake up and you have an emmense surge of emotions it was like that and i sat in bed thinking i didnt smoke in my dream wow i didnt smoke in my dream

    before i always smoked in my dreams and would wake up with emmense negative feelings this time i felt good its like my subconcious has quit to now

    i did used to have nightmares when i used to smoke but since quitting they are vivid dreams and very rarely scary


  • oh yes and totally agree with the rolling of the cigarettes it was like two things i had to quit making them and smoking them our brains are very complex and habit forming


  • Hope that nobody takes my strange dreams away from me. This has been one of the upsides of my quit!

    It's entertaining, and it proves that I am getting some sleep! Win win. :o

  • Shojam, are you long-term nico-free and still dreaming of the habit? I need to arm myself!

    Almost 3 weeks:eek:. The dreams come and go. My quilt is in a terrible mess when I wake up so must toss and turn a heck of a lot. I really don't want them to stop :

  • it is good to dream - to be aware of what is hidden in our psyches but the dreams from patches do get a bit confused at times - I stopped them in the end just to get a good night's sleep. lol I know from previous quits (she says embarrassedlingly (if that's a word?)).

    Well last night, not sure if it was Boo's warning or not - i dreamt that I was walking around with a cigarette paper that I had found in my son's room - it was a large one!. It transgressed to finding some rollup tobacco to put in it but I was aware of what I was doing in the midst of it so never actually rolled it or indeed smoked it. It's good. Thanks again for the warning


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