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Day 6 in half hour..still not smoking

Hi guys..

It is almost a wekk since I stopped smoking.I never thought I could do it. I am using champix, which is working out great for me,but may be not for everyone.

This forum is a great place and I feel I could not have stopped without allthe support I have been getting. Although I am still a junior quitter, I wish to give something too.

During my quit I have learned that:

1) I can still "function" properly

2)I can think and concentrate even more (I am on my last year of an Architecture degree, working on my dissertation, super-tense situation and handling it without smoking!)

3)You don't have to stop being friends with smokers (I have been going outside with smokers and still not feeling like joining in!)

4) Your social life won't stop!!( I have been out for dinner, drunk wine and LOVED not to have to go out in the cold!!!)

I wrote the above because those situations were the ones which I always thought not to be able to handle without smoking..and I think I am handling them better.

Good luck to all trying..Listen to the all the great members here ( with a special mention to Margaret, which has been so lovely and supportive).

I will keep you informed.


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Hey Zai,

WELL DONE!!!! Thats brilliant. Really pleased you are doing so well.

I totally agree with everything you have written. I was under a lot of stress from about day 5 until a couple of days ago and it's true that you can still cope.

I hope your dissertation is going well, never done one myself but understand it is a lot of work.

It's great to see you doing so well :D Keep up the good work!



Hey Zai

doin' good

keep on keepin' on

Maybe don't hang out so much going outside with smoker friends. Wait for them inside. Too much temptation there


Well done

Very positive thinking - very good.

Keep it up!!



Well Done Zai,

Your post is inspirational and sounds like you are in a totally positive state of mind over your quit its nice to see and hear!!!

Good Luck and Stay Strong!

Zozie xx


Hi Zai :D

That's great almost a week doen for you


Marg xx


Well done, what a lovely post, great to hear all the positivity. Good luck with your studies.

Best wishes.



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