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6 days smoke free!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

after stopping and starting last year, smoking was really getting me down,and i think i was finally ready to stop,which i did 6 days ago, tomorrow will be a week-really chuffed, feel really using patches which im keen to wean myself off as quick as is practically my appetite back and my tastebuds, back to the gym as well, which i really love.

My g/f has stopped with me and she is doing equally as well, only thing i havnt noticed is the money i have saved.


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Hi Baz

Huge congrats on your first six days - one whole week tomorrow :)

Reaching a week was a big turning point for me so stay strong and keep going - it's sooooooooo worth the hard work :D

Congrats to your g/f too!


Good going Baz, The next 6 will come even easier I'm sure.


yeah baz! i know its tough but be proud of yourself..hell week is coming to an end:cool: so nice that your gf is stopping also..good support for both of you!!


Nice one Baz. Give yourself a pat on the back, take it one day at a time, and keep going!



well done baz you should be proud of yourself mate, there's no rush to come off the patches, i used patches and i think i only got this far because this time i completed the full 12 week course.



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