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Day One - 6 hours in - i'm struggling


Hello all

So No Smoking Day is here - and I am six hours into my day, and starting to struggle. I have listened to some hypnotism tapes both last night, and this morning before I left my house for work but it's lunch time and i'm starting to get pangs.

I'm going cold turkey, but after smoking for 14 years I'm used to my habits at work. I keep forgetting I am not smoking, and keep thinking to go outside. I feel bored without smoking? Does that make sense?

Some words of encouragement won't go a miss. I've just devoured a 100g chocolate bar, and about to open the mini eggs!

Thank you.

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Hiya and welcome :)

The early days are a bit rough but it will get better and fast!!

You're doing a brilliant thing, and giving up nothing - you're freeing yourself from a nasty addiction!!

Hello and Welcome. We all understand how difficult this can be, and CT is the hardcore way to go. Personally, I think distraction is the key to the early days, crossword puzzles, 30 seconds of fast running on the spot or jumping jacks (these are great, by the time you've got your breath back the craving is usually gone) candy crush - anything to take your mind off it. Sip lots of ice cold water, this helps flush out the toxins and "hits" that spot at the back of your tongue, mints, gum, sugar free sweets (Aldi has a great range!) they will all help. I also kept telling myself that I was having a battle of wills with a plant! Gave me the superiority complex I needed ;)

Thank you all of you for your lovely responses. Played so much Candy Crush, now I'm on to music.

Fingers crossed. Approaching hour seven now!

Thank you all of you for your lovely responses. Played so much Candy Crush, now I'm on to music.

Fingers crossed. Approaching hour seven now!

Music is fab!!

Louder the better :p

Oooh and if you get bored with Candy Crush or run out of lives try the "-mania" games, bubble/candy blast/fruit blast etc 'cos they're free and fab!!

You can do this :D

We all felt like this at the start of our quit, you arent alone but it does get better and easier, keep urself busy and well done you on your new journey :) i would suggest downloading Allen Carrs Easyway to quit smoking......l it really helped me xxx good luck xxx

Welcome to the boards:)

Yes CT is the toughest way to quit and craves peak day 3-4 so lots to look forward to:) is the quickest way to get the nicotine out of your system.I know what you mean about feeling bored....smoking was a large part of your life......

But as the others have said distraction is the key...keep reading and

D posting on here and someone will always come to your aid....

There are lots of long term quitters...Max Kat and many many more who will offer you some brilliant advice:)

My advice....stick with it,every day gets better :)

Thank you. It's such a community here, and you're definitely making it a lot easier for me to deal with.

I think it's difficult because it's a habit, a habit that is really hard to break. Weirdly, Red Bush tea has helped me through today. I finish work at 5pm, and as I approach my ninth hour I feel if I can go this far, then I'm OK.

Thank you all again! I really appreciate your words!

Adders :)

Hi Adds,

Completely normal to forget you don't smoke in the first week or so, it's horrible isn't it when that realisation hits, the key is to keep busy and try and distract yourself, it's difficult in work though for the first few days, normal gum helps, I want through loads in the first few weeks also baths, I must have had a 3 hour bath every night, if I was in the bath I was safe, I couldn't get fags plus it was relaxing too :), chocolate is also very good as you have discovered and mini eggs... Oh my days loooove them and Cadbury creme eggs....**dribbles**, good luck with it all the first day is a bit of an odd feeling if you struggle later get an early night, at least if ur sleeping you can't crave xx

Hya, yes am 3 weeks in, and the challenge you face seems massive, that's because it is. But my word keep hanging on reading and posting, it makes quitting soooooo much easier.

I have found that if you can get through two or three day,s your on your way.

Great decision to quit, hope your proud, it will get easier, I promis:)

Adds, huge congratulations for taking the plunge. By the time you read this you will nearly be done with Day One- as others have said, a day you will never have to go through again.

Ice-cold water really does seem to help and there are many who swear by frozen grapes. Distraction is, indeed, the key and when all else fails, go to bed. Be prepared for all sorts of weird physical side effects of quitting too, but keep telling yourself that all of it passes- it really, truly, does- and everything you experience will be something that someone here will have experienced too. Post, post, post, read and post is my best advice because there's no-one here that won't fall over themselves to help.

A big welcome to the forum and to the rest of your life :)

Well done Adders!! Day one is such a huge achievement and it really makes you believe that it's possible to give up the dirty weed once and for all. :D

It can be exhausting and hard work at times, but stick with it and you'll soon be reaping the benefits!

Follow as many tips as you need to from the forum and don't forget to post if you feel a crave coming on! :) xxx

Hi Adders,

That is great you were able to surpass the 1st day! During the multiple times I tried to quit CT, the 1st day was never too bad. Neither was the 2nd. What would kick my a** was the 3rd day. I could never move beyond that point (until my last and final quit). So who knows, maybe the 1st day is killer for you, but perhaps by the 3rd, you'll be feeling better.

Be kind to yourself for having the feelings and cravings you had--it was only 6 hours/1 day into having quit. Take one day at a time. Don't try to look too far ahead, just take one step at a time and be in the here and now.

Keep Going

Buy a copy of Allen Carrs easy way to stop smoking. It costs around £7.00 on amazon and it will help you very much.

Keep going remember smoking offers you nothing at all :)

Keep it up fella!

I'm hoping you're still kicking the habit in the regions! Full of admiration for you doing it CT - I ever only managed a few hours and felt like making my wall a patch work of holes - so well done!

All the best.

Hi, just stopped by to say hello, it's just the worst those first few days, but your at the right place for support.

Good luck.

Please keep posting, it's often the difference, between keeping quit and giving in, just keep going:)

Your on your way to freedom:)

Hi Addersjw

Good for you, for having taken The Big Step. Brace yourself, initially it isn't going to be easy (as you knew) - after all you are trying to kill an addiction. Not easy going cold turkey (I had a 44+ year habit and a 40 a day smoker). Be in the right mindset, ensure YOU are determined to stop or else you will fail.

Having a distraction is paramount. You cannot be brooding over Them all the time or else you will re-light, for sure. And ok to feel rotten, cry, whatever...... tough time you are going through.

Believe in yourself, believe that you are strong, and you don't want to let yourself down. Think of it, do you want to go through this agony all over again!

Be strong.. Best of luck




Hey & Welcome,

I went CT 4 weeks ago, and I found it hard not to at work, so I made the point of keeping the routine of getting up and going outside, but I made sure that there was a desination at the end of it - I went through so much coffee the first week, and then as I stopped craving one as much, I stopped going out for as much coffee.

I am now not taking the special breaks nor drinking as much coffee as i was either!

Although, in my weak moments, I do make sure I get up and move about, go to the ladies, or post room or somewhere which is a change of scene and I am fine when i come back.


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