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Reading all these posts have really helped and gives me hope

Hey everyone :)

Just wanted to pop in here and say well done to everyone!! I am currently on my 9th day as a non-smoker using Champix and I can’t even begin to imagine life as a non-smoker.

Reading all these posts have really helped and gives me hope. So hopefully I will be joining you one day :)

Kate :)

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Kate, Welcome to the forum! You will find many interesting and helpful posts as well as links at the bottom of the posts for good reads. Education is the key to quitting and staying quit, so read and learn about nicotine addiction. I know what you mean about not being able to think that you will become a non-smoker, but by reading everything I could find about the addiction, I realized that was exactly what I wanted to be, a non-smoker. Once you make up your mind, its not as hard. I smoked 30 a day for 35 years and quit CT. You can do this! I was always afraid to quit. Had alot of fears about quitting - failure, withdrawals, weight gain, etc. All I had to do was realize that each fear was easy to take care of. Failure - hah! - try again! Withdrawals - not anything I had thought they would be like, basically all in the mind not physically climbing walls! Weight gain - Well, dieting is now my middle name, but has been most of my life. Nothing new there! Keep going strong! Never another puff! Jody


Don't worry about anything at the moment except the next hour, the rest will take care of itself, before you know it you will have done a fortnight and a month, you'll begin to feel less tense, the quit will be smoother, as Jody says just keep reading.


Hi Katie

Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of support . As Mah says dont worry about the future as a non smoker just treat each and every day as a victory and before you know it you will be well on the road to "recovery" with smoke free days , weeks and months behind you.

Best wishes


20 a day for 30 years:eek:

stopped poisoning myself 28th Apil 09:p

3 months patches

6 months cold turkey


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