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Break Through on Day 24


For 24 days, I've been wondering how the heck am I going to live as a non-smoker. The urges were insane, the thought of smoking filled ever moment, I was irritable, couldn't focus, brutal time of it.

On Day 24, yesterday, something changed and it is WAY easier.

Hope this lasts.

Good luck everyone, not sure if others have hit that "ah ha" day.

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Well done teleguy.

I was the other way around, for the first month I didnt find it too bad but since the start of this month Ive been struggling a little bit.

Im just waiting for my aha day :D

Well done you

Lillie x

Hi Teleguy,

I felt really good at the end of my fourth week too. But maybe my aha moment came today when I was sitting with a group of smokers, and they were all automatically rolling them and smoking, and I couldn't see the point:D I wasn't interested:cool: And that is at the end of my seventh week.

Well done you for going cold turkey, I would have had to be seriously sedated lol:rolleyes:


Teleguy welcome and well done

I've had the odd "ah ha" day - trouble is they are often followed by "oh f**k" days;)


Its the opposite for me.... Up to day 27 and all of a sudden am feeling like s***.

I could murder a bloody fag this morning, but instead have opted to chew like crazy on some nicotine gum and hope this feeling leaves me pretty soon.

I look forward to the day when I wake and not want a cigarette :confused:

Well done to everyone who has succeeded so far

Jo Jo

Ah ha

Strange how everyone is so different. Congratulations to all. Day 25 and the feeling holds.

Glad you're still feeling good :)

NRT's are the devils work

Don't take a drug to give up a drug Jo Jo. You don't feel like a cigarette that is just the habit kicking in. You are craving nicotine and by chomping down on that gum you are giving your brain the endorphin rush it craves. Don't feed the beast. Starve it. 30 years @ 50 a day....Day 25 quit...cold turkey and feeling great

Nicotine conspiritist

Conservative % of N.R.T failure in a 6 month period 93.5%

Don't feed the beast.

Nicotine is your enemy

N.R.T's......go and drink a little methadone.....say no to the beast

With all care

Every person here is a winner...whatever blows your hair back, keep on keepin on

Well done Teleguy. I would also have to be sedated to go cold turkey. But im surviving my aha days are still with me as im focused on my poorly dad. No time to think of demons. Day 18 today. Pleased as punch xtra strong mints are going down well. Just a loz when absolutely needed. Jacqui

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