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Why does this happen??

Why O why does this happen? I get so ar into my quit then my head starts playing games.

"Go on it's saying - go on your so boring not smoking. Look all your mates are out there smoking. Look your missing out. Go on, go on. Go on you'll feel happier an dbe a lot less uptight"

I'm fighting back and I definitly will not give in there is no way I'm going through the last 3 weeks again.

But why does it do this - why can't it just bloody accept the fact that I don't smoke anymore and back off.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Sorry as you can guess me is struggling I won't give in I won't but it's doing my bloddy head in literally!

Deep breaths, deep breaths


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Tell me about it! I am on day 22 and can go a whole week no problem and then one day I will just be desperate for one! I will get upset and think there is nothing to look forward to. How sad is that? I have tons to look forward to. I am getting married, have a lovely honeymoon coming up and have treated myself to a day at the spa in Feb with the money I have saved on fags!

The problem with me is that I quite enjoyed having a cigarette but have accepted just how bad it is for me and that I need to grow up and realise that it will kill me one day if I carry on!

I'm not sure why our mind does it to us but you are not alone!

Hel x


Go on girl, let it out!

I know that wee beastie well, always sounds like Mrs Doyle off Father Ted, "Ah go on now, sure you will, just one wee fag won't hurt now sure, go on go on go on go on..".

Annoying isn't it?!

You're doing great, have some chocolate and remember that all your smoking mates are probably extremely jealous of your quit. And you smell gorgeous now!

Stay strong:D:D

Jenni xx


awww i know what your going through right now, the cravings and stuff do get a bit instense at times and even though you know they pass, its don't make them easier when they hit.

Thankfully most of what you are going through here is to do with the 'terrible 3's i'm sure. Once you get to the end of your 3rd week things seem to focus a bit more and you don't feel so hard done by.

hang in there.. i know its hard, but the best is yet to be.


Even if it doentsnt get better instantly at least youy know it will and 40 + years fr

I can see light at the end of the tunnel

But the candle is decidedly dim

I only stopped smoking at Christmas

And that was done on a whim

If only we knew when we started

How hooked we’d finally become

Oh if only you’d told me more firmly

Now I’m blaming my Mum

It seemed so easy when starting

The thought of quitting not rough

And in reality we now know

That quittings Dam Tough


What that was meant to say was that in 40 years you will realise how good it gets trust me I Know as I was that soldier LOL


Oh Tinks... you sound so down :(... but listen - you haven't given in - you're still here - you've still quit and you're still doing so well...

I hear you though, I really do - it's so crap feeling like this... and I know where you're coming from, because it's something that I'd convinced myself I enjoyed doing...

What are your main purposes of giving up? (apart from living longer, smelling fabulous, saving money and breathing easier!) If you've got a specific reason (and my motivation is my 3 year old daughter) then mantra it to yourself when the nicodemon starts talking to you - try and drown the bad voice out.

Keep at it Tinks - you want to do this... and so far, you are :):):)

Rachael x


Hi Tinks,

Sorry to hear your having those niggling voices in your head, I've had them too and they are pants!!!!!.

Tinks you have done so so well and have come so so far that you cannot go back to a life of the dirty weed. Have you watched that programme on channel 5 about celebrity's quitting?, I watched episode 1 last night on line and you wouldn't want to start again if you saw it, it's amazing how everyone's lung age was so much older than there actual age, it's seriously frightening!!!!!. That is another thing that is motivating more, watch it if you can.....

Keep going and keep strong Tinks, you are doing fab.:)



Hello my love

The only people who think quitting is easy, are some non smokers:( However Tinks we know it is bloody hard BUT you are doing so well. I never knew this quitting lark would be such an emotional rollercoaster and this forum is excellent to vent our feeelings.

Remember I said I will be with you all the way to the penthouse, I still mean that my love.

Big hug




I can only agree with the advice already given. You are doing fantastically well. I mean being smoke free for 3 weeks is something to be really proud about. The benefits of your decision to quit this nasty horrible addiction is one of the best decisions you could make for yourself. Stay strong, stay focused. And rant as much as you like on here. It certainly does help.

You'll be on your first month in no time!!

well done thus far.



'cos you're human!

Kick it in the shins.


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