Is this really happening..?

I sit here amazed that I have gone through 2 days am now on day 3. Who would have thunk it eh?

I'm not going to say it has been a breeze so far as there have been a few twitchy moments but by and large, with focus, its been manageble. Thats the key for me is to remain focused. If i drop my guard and forget what I am trying to achieve here i reckon i will be at risk of relapsing. I'm definately spending a lot of time thinking about this whole thing which i dont dig much but as i say, i guess i have to to remain focused and on top of it. Its just a bit boring thats all.

In terms of how I feel physically, I have noticed my sense of smell and taste have changed/improved. Also, my teeth are aching a little bit which is weird. My chest feels a little tight and i have a slightly blocked nose. I am definately more lethargic and yawning a lot and my concentration tends to wander off every now and then and i get glazed eyes. Strangely my colleagues say i seem more chilled out now than before which is also wierd. I think its becase before i was in turmoil about needing/wanting to give up which was compounding the issue.

lastly, and how is this for added motivation, my daughter is 13 on Sunday and she said to me last night "i'm so proud of you Dad, this is the best Birthday present you could ever give me!" :)

Cheers all and thanks again. I appreciate your time.

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  • And you will continue to amaze yourself. You are doing a wonderful thing and what your daughter has said has just reaffirmed that.

    Don't worry about all the crappy stuff. It's just your body healing itself. I have gne through some similar stuff but I just keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end, and it has started to get better.

    Well done for doing what you thought you could never do. I recall reading your posts over the weekend where you said you kept failing and were convinced you would never be able to quit. What a difference a week makes. Be proud of yourself, you deserve it.

  • Thanks Mark and karri. You two have been great to me as have so many others.

    I said it before, it amazes me how people you have never met and will probably neer meet can spare their time to help you. Its a beautiful thing.

  • Brilliant

    So very pleased for you and how lovely that your daughter is so proud of you.

    Keep focused and remember nowt bad can happen if you don't have a smoke. You have a few uncomfortable moments, but they are nowt compared to the absolute joy that you are not depending on something that is harming you.

  • Thanks Becky, appreciate that.

    Yes, focus is they key for me. Having a cheeky friday breakfast roll this morning. cant wait....


  • Well done magic

    Keep it up the side effects are just ur body healing and getting rid of the 100s ov nastys that have bin invading ur space for a long time.

  • That's great news, Magic.

  • Happy to see thinks are going well for you Magic. I can relate to your daughters comments. My kids are my biggest cheerleaders. They ask every night when I get home if I smoked and when I tell them no they get all excited and ask me to "please stop for good"

    Keep up the good work

  • Thanks Sparky. Yes, its a real role-reversal isnt it? haveing to report your good behaviour to your kids ha ha

  • well done you are doing fantastic all the bad stuff will soon be over and you will start to feel good better than ever before so keep going magic :):)

  • Thanks Josivi and Clare.

    here's something new that's happening - i am mega-super sleepy...... crikey on a bikey it's like i haven't slept for a week! i think my colleagues think my face has gone in to spasm as i seem to have a permanent yawn going on! ha ha...


    sorry, nodded off there for a while - are you still there? what day is it?

  • im going to struggle tonight. Lots of peple coming over for daughters birthday weekend. Nearly all of the are smokers - yikes.

  • im going to struggle tonight. Lots of peple coming over for daughters birthday weekend. Nearly all of the are smokers - yikes.

    How about reframing that?

    "I'm going to be amazing tonight. While there may be challenges, like lots of people coming over who are nearly all smokers, I am going to be super strong and successful. I'm going to feel great when it's all over because I will have kept my commitment to myself. I can do this! Yay!"

    Just a thought...

  • Hope you've had a great evening! And well done - a big, enormous well done. This is do-able, it really is. It's a journey, for sure, but you're well on your way with lots of us beside you to help when the going gets tough.

    Keep on going!



  • Alas, ive failed.

  • Well said Karri. Just keep on keeping on, magic. I have faith you'll do it.:)

  • I Start again today. I wont post anything until wednesday when i can post again on Day 3. I cant bear going back to dy 1.


  • Actaully, i think i will. Its no good being ashamed here. I need to face up to this and keep going. See you on day 1 page... :)

  • So glad to hear that you are back at it Magic. You'll soon catch yourself up......and overtake yourself. You are wiser now. :)

  • loveliest bike in England

    Only until I bring mine south of the Mason Dixie Line then yours will be the second loveliest bike in England !! So glad to see that your doing well with your quit. I often wonder if I could have stopped cold turkey hopefully with the grace of God I won't have to ponder that scenario. Look after yourself and I'll try and do the same.

    Kindest Regards

    Michael in Glasgow

  • ......and you look after yourself too Michael.

    Shall we just agree that mine is a princess amongst bikes.....and your is a prince? :)

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