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No Smoking Day
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why does a bad day follow a good one

good morning all feeling very weepy this morning not sleeping through the pain of my torn cartlidge in my rib.. craves coming thick and fast as im typing. at work till 6pm :( just not having a happy one have my patch on taken a couple of fake puffs with my inhalater but nothing is working. im not going to give in to nic( this is my quit not his!) i felt so good yesterday im off for 4 days from tomorrow so things will improve ( i do a 4 on 4 off shift rota) why do i feel like this im on day 18 i was hoping things would get better for me not sure if its just the lack of sleep and the pain making me feel like this/.. some nice words would really help at them moment thanks


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Right, first off, congratulations on getting so far and sorry you are having a rougher day today than yesterday. Its exactly like i was experiencing it at around this part of my own quit, so what you are going through is very common. don't worry.. despite how you feel, don't worry.

Day 18 though, thats week 3... and week 3 for many requires more work to get through.. not all of it.. just the odd days here or there through that week. I definitely found my week 3 to be more of a struggle, but you just got to grit your teeth, and try to ride through all the 'moments' you have and deep breathe through them too. Better times are coming, just get through this 3rd week and i'm sure things will improve.

Read the links in my signature... the terrible 3's explains a bit about why day 3/week 3 and month 3 are a bit more difficult than other times when quitting, but also read up on the stress and craving stopper tips in the other links as they helped me tons when i was where you were.

Hope the info helps.. keep going, the best is yet to be!



hi jase

and thankyou so much for your reply... im calming down a bit just plowing through loads of paperwork at the moment and that is taking my mind off things taking a puff now and agin from in haler which is helping.. glad its my last day at work at least when im at home i can take it out on the housework and baking:o i will read the links once again thankyou for your advice



just take the rough days alongside the smooth days. Quits can be very up and down.. and sometimes you can go weeks just fine then get one ugly day among it all. Once you realise its just 'one of them days', you will just adjust how you deal with the day. At this stage you are just about starting to learn the tecniques that work for you and help you cope.

Give yourself credit for what you've achieved so far though, every day you are quit you are allowing your body to repair from the years of abuse that you gave it while smoking. Your health improves, you are also not intaking those 4000 poisons/chemicals aswell as nicotine that you were allowing in too. Quitting smoking is challenging, but also extremely rewarding, and you will definitely see this over time. You may well just wake up one day and its like having an epiphany.. .you'll definitely get it.. just ride through this 'gloopy' period right now.

Keep posting no matter how you feel, it helps alot.



hi Lin

Firstly, thanks for replying on the other thread. Secondly your 18 days sounds a fantastic achievement to me as I'm on day 10 and day 18 feels like light years away. Like you said hang on in there - you don't want to lose what you've won



Jelly Babies are smoke and fat free

Hi Lin

Sorry to say this but you wouldn’t know it was a bad day if you didn’t have the good days so at least you know the difference LOL

The bad ones will get less and less and the good days will get even better.

Using the forum will keep you focused and once you are a little further along Smoke Free Avenue you will look back and think wow did I really live in that house.

Have a good quit and make it your last cause you wouldn’t want to go through that again would you xx


jellie babies!

thankyou all for your replies is it true jellie babies are fat free they are my favourite sweets yummy will get a bag at lunchtime.. and yes it makes sense that i wouldnt know what a bad day was if i didnt have good but i really hate the bad days:mad: need to be good all the time make this quit easier :p




Oh hear comes the snow

Yes you can have jelly babies as they are FAT free but they are not calorie free so don’t blame me if you put 2 ounces on or even a little bit more LOL.

Better to be a little bonnier than to smoke YES.

And May all Your Days Be Good Ones xx


Have a look in my signature at the 'terrible threes' that might help you to understand what is going on. Give yourself a treat from the money you have not spent on smoking, you deserve it.



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