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Don't understand why this quit is so bad!

Last time i reached 3 months i don't remember it being this bad.

Today i have the WORST cravings imaginable.. to the point where i just asked a colleage to give me a ciggie to put me out of my misery.

Luckily she refused to do that.. but im still sitting here wondering what to do to make this go away. :(

I hope this moment passes soon..

Deep breathes :o

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That makes three of us who have got passed the 3 months and suddenly hit with wanting a smoke very badly. I'd already passed the 4 month mark when it hit. Some kind of death throws I hope:confused:


I hope this moment passes soon..

It definitely will pass. Use the search engine above and put in 'terrible 3's or 3 months' and you'll see how many struggle briefly around this time. Not sure why but it's definitely common. After this mark, the craves really start letting go of you, so keep on going, it will get much, much easier after this short struggle!! You can do it!


I second Bella. I don't know why it should be either, but it's true that loads of people have a wobble around this time. But you know you've gotten through much worse. And it won't be much longer before days like this stop happening altogether!

Keep going, you're doing great. :)




The fact that i have already considered having a ciggerette and at one point i decided i would have.. has made me feel like ive failed even though i havent :(


i think this terrible 3's thing is a man made psychological implant. Im pretty sure that there can be no biological or physical reason that this happens at around 3 months.

i think it is because we are always being told about 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months and read about it (every smoker will know about it) we are brainwashed in to believeing it and hey presto it gets stuck in our pyche and when we reach a 3 it gets associated and wham!

I didnt have any cravings or wobbles on day or week 3 and i wont at month 3 because there is no reason to.

good luck, my thoughts are with you



hey princess - you are definitely not a failure. xx:)



Hey themagic32,

I have only just rejoined the forum and didn't even know about the terrible 3's until i started experiencing my anxiety at the beginning of the month. that said i think it is very much mind over matter that needs to take place when quitting EVERY DAY until thos niggly feelings pass.

I have recomposed myself.. anxiety nearly gone.. and no harm done. I can't imagine that this is gone just like that. I am preparing myself for the next few days and then ill be free :o

thanks guys



Terrible 3s

I'm coming to the end of month 5 and for the past couple of weeks all iv thought about is smoking iv even had smoking dreams.

I think today has bin the worst for cravings. Wanted smoke all day and this little thought just keeps saying sod it sick of feeling like crap now. And do what's gonna make me bloody happy.

But the other diadem that's stopping me is because iv got a heart complaint that iv bin refured to a cardiologist for. It's that and the fact that iv done nearly 5 months is stopping me. Grrrrrr


Wanted smoke all day and this little thought just keeps saying sod it sick of feeling like crap now. And do what's gonna make me bloody happy.

You've had a lot of stress lately, plus you're not feeling 100%.... when one is not feeling great our old coping mechanism gets triggered and that's why you're craving most likely. Is it just today you're having an off day? If it's just today, work through it, be good to yourself, and tomorrow you'll feel better for sure (regarding the craving) and you'll have gotten stronger in your quit. If it's happening a lot you should look at what other coping strategies you've acquired since quitting.... it's sooooo important. It sucks feeling poorly all the time but you can still look at ways of coping. Take good care, Shelly!


I really hope you all feel better soon; I'm on day 112 (I had to work it out earlier when someone asked me) and feel fine and as though I haven't smoked in years. I'm either bloody lucky or it hasn't hit me yet. Although I have predictably piled no end of weight on.

Just stick with it, you've all done so well to get this far, it has to pass ;)


Well as previously said, I have had cravings at four months that were worse than at the start of my quit. Like a grieving or loss.

I know this link -

might have been posted before, but a couple of things on the site resonated with me. It's a bit repetitive, but worth a read if you're suffering from "quitter blues".

Not counting days anymore, but it's over four months and I feel a bit more positive this morning after ploughing through the above site last night.

toucan xx ;)


Hi Toucan, I read your link today. Took quite a lot of time to get through it but I think it would be good for beginners. I learnt a few things myself. Don't think I'd pay for it as it is all there for free.