No Smoking Day
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Why is this happening

OMG i have been feeling really mardy lately and i just seem to have the hump over nothing :eek:

Have lots of shit going on at home get no supprt from o/h for packing up smoking which does get me very down.

Sure its cause deep down he would like to pack up and cant but he said he wont as he enjoys it well that is his choice,Got a few money problems going on at min as well o/h at home a lot as his bussinness is very quiet at min so he is at home alot on the bloody x-box

I got a chance to go to Lincoln market on sat for the day would love to go but have very little money to go with but am in two minds if to go or not was going to go with my o/h sister in law which by the way has packed up smoking 3weeks ag on patchers i get on with her really well but am so skint at min.

My 15yrs old daughter who keeps me strong and used to hate me smoking she used to say mum you are all i have my dad dont have nothing to do with her o/h dont really say much to her or treat her like a step daughter so she is very pleased i have stopped :)

Has anyone been to lincoln market before?

its only about 45mins drive away

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Hi Kay....

We are all feeling mardy at the moment so dont sweat it.

Not been to Lincoln market but a wander round with good company may be just what you dont need to buy anything but could give you some ideas for xmas or a treat for yourself when you get to 3 months...

Sometimes window shopping with a girl freind is more fun than buying....go on have some fun you deserve it



That is what i was thinking she said she would treat me to dinner bless her,i think it does you good to get out for the day,It is ment to be really nice but like i said i have never been and i wont be doing anything else Saturday as my daughter is at meadow hall for the day with the school so im giveing her money to get her some xmas clothers.Then she has to give me them so i can wrap them up LOL she is neally 16.

O/H will be on x-box all day no dought on his new toy and i will just be sat in doors that is why im thinking i may go :)


sounds like a plan Kay....

my daughter is 19 so I know what it is like....far better letting them choose, we would only get it wrong!!!!

I went to Meadow Hall last Friday.....:eek: cant see me running back in a hurry.

You get yourself out there girl and have a ball....just the change of scene will do you the world of good and best of all its free.....




I went a couple of years ago it is busy but a good day out. Go and enjoy it a girly day could be what you need.XX


You go Kay, along with your Sister-in-law, as she has stopped too she will be great for you and supportive, it will do you the world of good to do something nice for yourself.



I haven't been to Lincoln Market but the office I work at runs a coach trip there every year - everyone who has gone says it's lovely. Also Lincoln itself has lots to see & do without having to spend loads of money in the Market - just do a bit of research online beforehand.

Go and enjoy yourself - you've had a tough ride and deserve a nice day out. A good day will make everything feel much easier.



Just wanted to say your doing fab hun. you go to the market with sil and thats an order Babes it will do you the world of good money to spend or not. Just be proud of yourself and give yourself a treat and just think how happy your making your daughter best chrismas box she could have. Let us know how your day gose.xxxx


Hi Kay :D

You're doing really well please don't worry about the mardiness it's normal for most of us Promise emotions all over the place for the first few weeks but it passes as your body gets used to not having a diet if chemicals

I'm sorry you have problems with money just now and no support from OH and think you're right that he wants to stop and can't or won't so kids himself he enjoys it

Kay you go to the Market with your Sister in Law it will do you good to get away for a while and you don't have to spend a lot to enjoy it after all I can happily have a day out and spend almost nothing at all just getting out is good sometimes so you go and enjoy yourself


Marg xx


Hi Kay Go and enjoy yourself with sister in law, you can always repay her invitation when you have some funds, I am sure she was looking forward to it as well. Will do you good sweetheart, have never been as Its a long way from here but really want to get up to your area as been researching OH family history and need to go to churches to look up registers before I can go further.

Have a lovely day and so sorry you are having it rough at the moment , I think you are amazing for giving up with all that is happening in your life. Go girl xxx


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