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Why am i getting sore throats and terrible colds and flu like symptons every month?

When i smoked i never ever got colds or throat problems-do you think its still the withdrawl of tar and other poisonous substances?:confused:

I have increased my intake with Vit. c but just cant get rid of these blooming colds!!!


spent all my saved non smoking cash on Benylin:(

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Thanks jim

I have heard of the antibody increase when smoking, and i am suspecting this is what has happened to me, as i have never had so many coughs and colds.

i am itching the roof of my mouth with my tongue_if you get my drift!!! which is causing the roof of my mouth to be very sore, just feel so uncomfortable and this constant dry cough is driving me crazy

the first month of stopping smoking i coughed up so much tar, but now the cough is very dry, so im hoping the tar has slowly been removed from the coughing

Thanks for the advice BB, you are a great friend xxx


Thanks for that BB, I have a bit of a sore throat today - nothing bad but that would explain it!



leave her alone buggerlugs


Coughs and cold like symptoms are incredibly common during the early days of a quit (at approaching 5 months, we are still in the very early days Shabba!)

I have had way more than normal myself.

As well as BB's link, this explains it well...


and it's funny in an American kind of way too ;)


Hi stu

thanks for the link-just read it, it is a good read, it says it will take two years for my body to repair-OMG what have we done to ourselves!!!!!


Great thread, some good information on here.

Thanks for the post bb and link stuart, at least we all know why we are getting all these colds coughs now.

Hope you feel well soon shabba.




Hello boys and girls :D

Don't know if this has anything to do with it or not but had bad throat and cough early in my quit also colds

I remember when i was in hospital for 4 weeks on antibiotics they gave me Actimel drinking yoghurts twice a day when i asked the reason they said it would help my immune system so i started having them them again and the sore throats etc have stopped since to date haven't had another {touch wood}

You can buy them in any supermarket

love margaret


Fella I work with who quit 4 years ago says for the first six months he felt like he lived at the doc's due to the various "recovery" ailments he suffered.

Always says it was worth it though:D


Thanks Tim and margareth

currently teaching at the mo-and coughing and spluttering all over my poor student!

i will go and get some actimel tonight -thanks good tip!!!

oh Tim!!! that long for recovery-ahhhhh!


Hi Shabba :)

When I started taking Actimel again I took 2 a day for 1st week-10days then dropped to one hope it works for you

Tim I don't care how long it takes recover I will


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