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Morning campers

Well another day starts in quittersville; thankfully managed to get a semi decent nights sleep last night (around 5 1/2 hours).

My general routine of an evening would be to head up to bed early and read for a couple hours (around 20:00) as the alarm goes off at 5 most mornings. In recent weeks I've been beating my alarm by a couple hours and waking up shortly after 3. Went up late last night and managed to sleep through to 6 this morning. WINNER!

Feeling semi refreshed so I think the batteries are charging slowly.

Any who it's now 08:41 on a Sunday morning, dinner (full roast) is all prepared and ready to go, cats fed, bunnies fed and let out to run around, cappuccino drank, toast eaten and 2 fishtanks cleaned. Not bad going really!

Nearly at a point where I can get the ol' feet up and relax for the rest of the day :).

Hope everybody else is well; good luck for the day ahead for those who need it.

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Morning Stav :D

You're doing great and isn't it wonderful how much better you feel with even a 1/2 way decent nights sleep

You have been bisy this morning think I might have to go back to just reading about the amount you've gotten through already today :D

I'm fine thanks for asking

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Morning Stav

just read with exhaustion - no yesterday was my very early start

mmmm frothy coffee me thinks now as im a black no sugar but you tempted me :)

Yes Happy Smoke Free day to you and yours and positive thoughts to anyone in a struggle

Dont Suffer in Silence or be too shy to ask for help and advice - That is what this forum is for


I think the Tassimo style machines are the best invention of the past 5 years! I'd be lost without ours. "Proper" tasting coffee without the expense of a £500 Italian pressurised coffee making thingy.


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