The Morning - Day 2

Well.. I took off my patch when I went to bed last night and woke up early this morning after having odd dreams stuck another patch on and went back to sleep again for an hour. I've just been to the hairdresser and had a few craves on the way there and on the way back but I just kept my mind on my new hair-do. These patches really do seem to keep the worst of it away but that worries me because what will it be like coming off the patches? I suppose I should just take it day at a time, sort out the mental addiction and hopefully the physical withdrawl from the patches won't be so bad once my head's in the right place. In a couple of days my chest will start to clear and my stolen energy will return so that's something to look forward to.. ooh just thought of something.. will my energy return? Cos I'm still pumping nicotine into my body, am just using a different delivery method :S Well either way it's better than the old cancer sticks.

I have a lot of things to do about the house but am feeling a bit sleepy. Just had a banana and a glass of diluted juice so my blood sugar will be going up any minute now and I can go fill my time with housework. It's good to have something to do and lots of time to do it in, I don't feel like it's such a chore at the moment, my body's almost glad of the change :) Will post later on in the day no doubt. Typing is good for the hands. Hope you're all well!

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  • morning harleyquine,

    day first day of no ciggarettes at all is over for me too and it feels so good!

    could not sleep for love nor money and started to get visual and audio mind tricks going on. very strange! i had some crazy dreams last night as well. Really really vivid and went on for what seemed like forever. People from my past coming into my head that i havent thought about it a very long time.

    anyway i'va got a bit of a sore throat and sneezing alot but dont feel ill. think its just my body healing and getting back to not having thick black smoke being put into it.

    good luck today!

  • Hi harleyquine

    Well done on day 2. Don't worry about coming off the patches you will do it gently so that you will be down to next to no nicotine at the end.

    Enjoy your day, look forward to your future posts.



    Well done another day, that's great. The symptoms you have are all part of the coming of fags, it will get better soon.

    Reading as much as you can helps you to understand the nicotine addiction, there are some links in my signature.


  • HI harleyquine it is day 3 for me today i would kill for a cig i must admit today is the first day i want a cig, i tried to give up a couple of years ago ang got to about 10 weeks and had a near miss with the car and the first thing i went for was a fag, and then i was back to square one again but during that time the dreams was very rude and the girls the next day at worked loved listening to my dreams and having a laugh about them, i am on the patches again but this time they are making me so tired i have retired from work due to ill health so i am sleeping all the time, but the patches are good they do take off a lot of craving i think its just our will power now so good luck

  • Hi, well done so far on your quit, i was on the inhaler and got very worried about what it would be like coming off it and going nicotine free. As it turned out wasn't a problem at all, I hardly even noticed coming of the inhaler, I have been off it for just over a week now (quit for 6 and a half weeks total) and it just seems to be getting easier and easier the more days I go. I guess what i am trying to say is don't worry about coming off the patches I am sure you will be fine when the time comes.

  • It's good to hear from people going through the same thing. It's now quarter past four in the afternoon and I'm getting hungry and I'm also waiting for my boyfriend to get out of work so we can go to the shop for grub. Waiting and hungry isn't a good combination and is triggering some craves, nothing I can't handle though. My patch really seems to be doing the trick in keeping down the craves now it's just a mental thing. I feel like I should be doing something while I'm waiting (used to be smoking). Maybe I should go to the library or something.. or type here :D Luckily I'm waiting at my friends grill and he has a laptop in the back office so here I am. My sense of smell has already improved some, so that's something positive and also I don't smell of anything but my perfume. Natter natter natter, typing is fantastic for craves :D keep up the good work everyone!

  • Hi Harletquine, Bman and Patty :D

    You're all doing fine keep it going

    All the things you mention are perfectly normal for us quitters and don't last for long at all


    Marg xxxxxx

  • 22:55 and I'm still going strong. I'm sweating like a pig though and I dunno whether that's due to all the work I'm doing to keep myself busy or because of my quit. I sorted out a whole heap of bills and paperwork but now the living room looks like a bomb hit it.. and I'm almost out of steam ;) Getting a new couch in tomorrow but first I'll have to get rid of the old one and at the mo it's covered in papers and junk. Ahh well something more to pass the time :) how's everyone else?

  • Hi Harley quin :D

    You're doing great well done you sounds like the sweating could be a combination of both to me

    My you have been busy and sounds like a busy day tomorrow as well


    marg xxxxxx

  • new sofa sounds great HarleyQuine- especially if you used to smoke in the house - will really help.

    I'm doing ok. just really really restless. pacing around like a caged tiger and nothing seems to hold my attention - even tv shows id normally love are just slightly annoying me!

    Im just wondering what peoples thoughts are on when its safe to have a beer again. Ive been off beer and coffee since sunday and am aware that this weekend is probably out of question but as much as quitting is number one priority, I'm wondering how long to wait to not jepordise things. how long did other quitters wait?

  • I'm doing ok. just really really restless. pacing around like a caged tiger and nothing seems to hold my attention

    That's not a nice feeling is it? I've always hated that about my cold turkey quits, the lack of concentration cos I was studying at the time or because the job I did meant I had to be on constant alert. I advise you to clean! Clean clean clean.. like someone else on here said 'my house has never been so clean' and I usually hate cleaning ;) See y'all tomorrow for day three! I have never felt so positive about quitting before :D

  • = I have never felt so positive about quitting before :D

    me neither - think this forum is really helping - didn't see how it would at first but thought i'd give it a shot and it really is i recon.

  • Yep the typing most certainly helps and it's a good feeling to know that there are other people out there who are willing to admit that quitting smoking is a difficult thing rather than the "I just stubbed it out and never looked back.. you're just weak" type of thing. On the other hand I don't want the wishy washy nonsense. I want advice from people who really know what they're talking about, and that's what we get here :o

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