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Good morning Month 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't quite believe i've gone a month already, from counting the days on the first week, preparing myself for my 'danger day 4', to the almost none existant second week where i felt I just breezed through it. Week 3 came.. with a difficult start and lack of a good nights sleep.. and found these forums through a google search about sleep issues while using patches.. and joined right away.

Well week 3 got decidely better, with encouragement from this forum and my sleep getting back to normal and although week 3 still had a few flakey moments to deal with, i soon found myself cheering in week 4.

Certainly finding that mondays are my most awkward day in each week, i am not a monday person, and certainly not a morning person either, i guess thats just me :)

Anyway, i've seen some folk on these forums go from strength to strength, and some struggle, and some sadly fall but it does go to show you that we are all different, and we probably deal with this addiction in many different ways, but how we manage the pressures of life being the key difference. So many times have I been having a relatively good day only to find someone else on the forum that I really want to see succeed at this having a really rough time, and sometimes it don't feel fair that I can be having an easy time and then see someone whom I have wanted to see break out of the trap set for them by nicotine having just the most aweul day or such an intense craving they are at the edge of their wits trying to hold it together.

Today however is another day, and .. the sun is shining. It has to be a good day if we have sunshine.

So hello and good morning month 2 (and my 5th week starts here)

Now wheres the cookies? :)

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Hi Jase :D

Well done you ond week 3/month 2 that's great keep it going


Marg xxxxxxx


Thank you :) I will continue to do my utmost to keep above the addiction. Its down, there, i'm up here. I know its there, it tries to remind me, but while i'm up here and in control, then i can see that addiction for what it truly is.

My only trouble before was that i let it sit up here, and thats the difference for me this time. How i see it. This way i can deal with all its got, i've stared temptation right in the face a number of times this quit, from mingling with smoking friends on purpose, to doing an endurance cold turkey bout last week or so and then of course there is everything you go through when reading about smoking too.

When you see the words 'smoke', 'cigarettes' and so on, so many times while quitting, it would be all to easy to get a bit flakey, but in my way of looking at it, we are going to be bombarded with that rubbish throughout our daily life, we'll still have to buy a newspaper from a shop that has stacks of the smokes behind the counter, we'll still see folk smoking in films, we'll still see the words while we are looking on the internet and indeed in books. So however hard I make it for myself now, i see as helping towards my character strenghthening.

While you remain true to yourself and your reason(s) for quitting and never touch another smoke.. nor even a cigarette by holding one.. you'll maintain your hold over the addiction. I've quit before, i've seen what having a cheeky one can do at christmas time, i felt i was able to have that treat, and i saw how many i smoked thereafter.. i've seen it, i've punished myself for having failed, and i've been upset over starting again. i never want that again, i want this time to be the time, and the last time where i can say, i never went back to it.

I do have the odd flakey moment though, i will not lie, i've had them already this quit, and although their intensity is getting more controllable now, they still left me feeling a bit... empty. Those feelings passed though, and i'm finding each and every day to be different to the last in many ways, some days are superb, some days i feel a bit low.. i just accept now that while i keep my focus on what the addiction is, and how far i've come and where i want to be with this, that i can handle the bad bits.. because the good outweighs it so much.

I urge everyone to whip their addiction into shape, its there, we know it is, but with a very positive attitude, you can win it out without quite so much doubt about yourself as you go. We're capable of so much more.




Hey Jase, congrats on getting into your second month!

we'll still see folk smoking in films

That one really bugs me but since I have escaped the evil weed I try to rearrange my thinking. The other day I was watching a film and the guy took a couple of draws and chucked it on the floor and walked away (pretty common in movies) and I had a sudden urge to smoke but if it had been me (or pretty much all smokers) who would waste a fag like that? It's only ever done in movies. Also.. in the movies, when women are smoking they're doing dainty little puffs, holding the fag in one hand, looking over the table at their darling.. in real life a smoker (i.e me) would be sucking that thing dry and my eye would be watering cos I'd have gotten smoke in it and my loved one would be coughing up a lung. It just doesn't happen that way, stupid movies. They should ban smoking in them because I get a craving from them which means they added to my brainwashing :p


Then i thoroughly recommend you give a film called 'Genova' a miss. Its quite a recent film, one of these drawn out films that you end up thinking wasn't that great at the end of it..

well quite alot during this particular film were over-stated scenes with smoking in, and when i commented about it to my fiancé she couldn't see what i meant, but to someone who is quitting smoking, i found it unnecessary and not actually that constructive towards the film.

There was alot of smoking in that film and by the end of it, i was fed up of seeing its use.


I sure did :) and today is day 30 now too, so by most peoples standards that don't think 28 days is a month (4* 7 ), then day 30 is definitely one :)

Thanks alot :) and means alot :)


I'll check that when i get home from work.. they block that content in here.

Ta, i'll listen/watch laterz


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