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Good morning everyone!


How are we all this fine morning?

I was soooooo tired last night I was asleep before 10pm, woke at 4.30am then 5.30am and finally got up at 6am

But I had a great sleep, no tickly cough keeping me awake; I guess my tubes were glad not to have been polluted yesterday :)

Good luck at all of you today, especially my fellow team-mates! :D

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Good Morning Barbara and everyone.

Well we made it into day 2...I woke about every hour just for a few minuets all through the night. Having said that I am up now and feel good. Hope everyone has a great day and will pop back later.xx


Keep going...


Morning one more try, cough is just your lungs recovering. You will soon be rid of the gunk that is now leaving your body mate. You will soon be breathing deep sweet breaths YESSSS!!! xxx :D


Here's to another day of no smoking :D

Would Loubyloo, Barb, and Izzy please check in?

C'mon you'd you feel in day 2?

I'm on a high at the moment! :D

Sorry Im late you lot. I had to go back to bed. Got a Migraine:(. Any how, Im still here but cant stay on comp today as It will just come back if I do. Will try and get back on later this eve. Whos missing, is it izzy and barb. Keep it up you 2 your doing fandabidosi. lol. See you later. xx lou

Nearly half way through day 6 and feeling great.

Stats for today - Five days, 10 hours, 43 minutes and 7 seconds. 108 cigarettes not smoked, saving £29.96. Life saved: 9 hours, 0 minutes.

Jus remember if you are on day 2, you are nearly half way to ridding nicotine from your body and breaking the chemical addiction, ne way enough boring stats good luck to everyone on day 2, and congrats on getting through the toughest day.

Poor LoubyLoo (((Hugs))) Hope you feel better soon.

Always look on the bright side though....if you've got a migraine the last thing you'll want is a cig :D

Well done Izzy, I'm jealous cos you've saved £30 and I've only saved a tenner lol ;)

Now......where's that other Barbara? :rolleyes:

Go Day 2-ers!!! Whoop whoop!!! :D:D

Hope your Migraine has shifted Looby Lou:( has been ok for me apart from feeling tired, this is probably due to the fact that I had disturbed sleep last night..Going to do the teas now then take dog for his walk have a bath and hopefully get an early night.....Well done izzy we are not far behind you:D....See you in day 3 Team xx;)

Yeah, behappy, Day 2 is almost over - doesn't time fly when you're having fun? :D

Haven't heard from the other Barbara yet......hope it's just because she can't access the net today.....

Onwards and Upwards gang.... we CAN do this :)

Nite Nite see you in ROOM 3 tomorrow mwhahahaha!!!!!!! :D

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