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Noooo Sleep

Hi Everyone,

I stopped on Jan 1st must be about 20 days ago now and have managed the good days and some bad days but why is it about 4 days ago I started not being able to get to sleep? I am using patches which I have worn in bed up until a few days ago and slept fine. I am taking the patches off now, I have been going to bed and just laid there all night and only got a few hours about 4 in the morning. It is 6 in the morning now and I got up at 3.30 had no sleep at all and have to go on a first aid course at 8.30! They will be doing first aid on me! Anyone else had this happen or got any tips for me! Please!

Bev x

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Hey Bev... I most definitely had sleep issues as well in my early quit..... think I had a thread up very similar to yours even! It is hard to go through something so difficult and not even be able to shut it out during the night.... I feel for you. It will pass..... it takes a little time for your body to get back to 'normal' but it will! Hang in there, okay.... don't give in!


Sleep does become interesting. I've a habbit of getting up at 3 now (after hitting the sack at 11ish). I'm not on NRT so I guess it's just a "feature" of quitting.



I posted a thread very similar to this last week. The lack of sleep has been one of the more annoying aspects of my quit. It has started to level out abit now and I smoked my last on 3rd Jan. I think it's totally normal.

What must we have been doing to our bodies if quitting causes disrupted sleep, disrupted digestion, disrupted emotions.. ?! :)


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