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Day 8 - total mood change


Am so pleased to be in week 2. Well I was up til about half an hour ago.

I am really tired after a stressful day at work but was on a total high about getting in to week 2. Now I just feel bleurgh. Like I could cry but not.

Also first proper feeling that a smoke would be nice. I don't really want to but feeling a bit drained and tired.

Feel so stupid cos only posted on the group board about how positive and chuffed I was.

Just poured a hot choc cos have a major sugar craving and going to head to bed to watch heroes soon.

Really dissapointed that I feel this way.

Tomorrow is another day.


eta - Sorry this wasn't just a general rant, was wondering if this is normal and if anyone has any ideas how to combat ?

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Hey Deb

Moodswings and stuff is unfortunately to be expected but do pass. Multivits can help and try to eat as healthily as possible to keep your blood sugar even- however sometimes only cake will do!!!

Low blood sugar is meant to be responsible partle for the moodswings , i tried some chromium when i first quit, so gonna try that again.

Good Luck, and be proud to have come this far. Take each day as it comes- if today is cr*p then tomorrow is a new day.


Hi Deb

My day 8 and most of day 9 were not good days, and I had been doing very well prior too. I read that usually around day 7-8 is a low period for most people.

It said you tend to push more triggers around that time, part of letting down a bit after being so guarded over the last week.

Anyway it did not not last long and I came back stronger and better than before. In fact that was the last time I can say I had a bad day (on day 26 today).

So hang in there, be nice to yourself, tomorrow is another day!


Hi Debs :)

Sorry you didn't feel so good last night but mood swings are normal for most of us

You'll run the whole range of emotions every thing from tears anger happiness you name we get it but it's all part of the healing process and it will pass Promise

I don't think there is a way to combat it really and always advice people to go with it if you want a good cry then have one and if you need a nap have one if you can evwn 5 minutes can help it will pass and doesn't usually last for long


Marg xx



Day 9 :)

Woke up still feeling rubbish but reading your messages today has really helped so thank you so much. Accepting today for what it is and that is helping too.

Jude, thank you. I have some fruit in with me for snacks today and will try a multi vitamin. Managed to avoid a cake so far but the thought of a donut is never far from my mind ;)

Downunder well done on day 26! Thats fantastic. Thanks for your post. I spoke to a friend today who has had several failed quits around day 8/9 so it must be a typically challenging time. Will stay strong and am looking forward to matching your day 26.

Marg thank you so much. I have decided to just go with it. I think maybe a big cry will do me good to be honest, release some tension. Will take your advise on board.

I do think I need to read more and keep up with the positive re-inforcements. I think that will help.

Hope everyone is having a good day and doing well.




Hi Debs :D

Glad that helped and a good cry I always found did me good not just after I quit nut it does really help to get rid of tension

Yes reading will help both the posts on here and the links in many of our signatures

Keep going all these things happen but they don't last for long and is mainly just the body healing itself from the abuse smoking caused

Patience Debs all will be well Promise

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


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