First post day 27 massive mood swings

First 3 weeks passed by no problems this past week I've been so up and down with my mood and comes from nowhere for instance I'm laughing and joking with my husband then next I'm telling him to do one because I'm not in the mood and feel like my heads about to explode. The kids are walking on eggshells because they never know how I'm going to be. How long do these moods go on for when I'm on one I wonder why the hell i'm putting myself through it then when im saine i remind myself ive come too far to go back

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  • Welcome melsamoo to our community and congratulations on 27 days quit, that is great!

    What you are going through at the moment is perfectly normal and is/has been experienced by many of us here and known as the 'Icky Threes' as your mind and body is and working very hard re-wiring and repairing. You need to be very strong and focused for a while but it will improve soon, I promise. Let your kids/hubby that you are in a very important stage of your quit and that it won't be for long, let them know too that you are doing an amazing thing quitting and how you will be so much happier and healthier soon.

    Below is some pinned posts that may be helpful if not already read:

    Keep in touch with us and be kind to yourself, you deserve it (and also need it) :)

  • Thanks luckily hubby is taking it on the chin. Then telling me he is proud and I'm doing well. I've learnt tonight hiding away is best till my mood is over unfortunately it was during dishing up tea I went up to bed for a bit. I felt so angry I could have easily have chucked a plate and have no idea where the angry feeling came from. hubby took over.

  • I've just read the links thank you so much it makes sense

  • All the best melsamoo . Those modes swings are brutal. My family too walked on egg shells for what seemed like forever. We got through it and you can too. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done. My family was warned in advance of my mental state and now we are all reaping the benefits of me as a non smoker. They used to bug me all the time but I chose a time when I was ready for me. They celebrate with me, they are my cheerleaders and my shoulders to cry on when things get bad. Use your supports, that come in handy... when you least expect it:)❤️



  • Thank you wanda. I found a 8 hour hypnosis video on YouTube which I used last night after feeling rather stressed. I think it has helped although I'm tired and woke up loads (I think that was the talking) I do feel a bit more relaxed. I will give it a go again tonight. I'm going to join the local gym today hopefully that will help with motivation and help clear anything from my chest.

  • Your doing so so well :) don't let the devil 👹in your head say to pick up a fag 👹you have to be so strong and fight the good fight 💪💪it will get easy I promise , we all have those crazzzzzy anger moments , I've had many deprest moody days , 27days your on it 🤜

  • Thank you day 28 now and feeling stronger this morning. It's very much like being in a maze one minute you feel your doing well and you turn a corner and bam dead end then there are 2 choices give up and have to start again or find another route to help you though I choose the new route. 💪 I will make it through. Thank you all for your support. Xxx

  • That's exactly what I felt like!! I could never put it into words tho. xo

  • Fab read :) x

  • I'm re reading my post from this morning it was so positive 28 days what a difference a few hours makeI was on one of these horrendous moods and I went to sign up at the gym and cannot have an induction for a week and this news just completely tipped me over the edge bit off all my acrylic nails. balling my eyes out I went to the shop and got a vape pen and 3mg nicotine liquid and used it. I am so annoyed at myself 4 weeks I done 4 weeks and I gotta start all over again because I couldn't handle the fact the gym couldn't fit me in for an induction today like when my husband signed up. He's annoyed I've messed up too he not said one word to me since. 😢😢😢

  • Hubby talking to me again. I got a massive headache but have no one to blame but myself. Time to hit this maze again.

  • Feel like I jinxed myself this morning

  • Sorry melsamoo for only replying now (for future reference, if really struggling or want support urgently or advice, do up a new SOS post and it will be seen immediately on the newsfeed)

    Hope you are feeling somewhat better this morning. Firstly, please do not be hard on yourself - YOU DID NOT LIGHT UP A CIGARETTE - yes it was a step backwards as nicotine is back in your system but it would have been so much worse lighting up. I would suggest to continue to use the vaping until you get starting the gym and then set your goal to reduce it, but don't rush it, small steps, you clearly want this and you will get there, I promise.

    Please stay close to us....

  • How are you now melsamoo ?

  • Thank you I've used my vape a few times now I have 0mg on order that should be here soon my gym induction was pushed back again till Monday because they had double booked. I am really struggling with the mantal maddness. I work with teenagers 2 afternoons a week and really stuggled to get through that. Yet I copes with absolutely nothing for 4 weeks. Feels like everything is set to test me and I'm just doomed to fail.

  • Bless you @melsamoo you're doing amazing!! You didn't light a cigarette! Brilliant! I'm on the e cig, up and down with the amount of nicotine but regardless, it's not a cigarette and I don't berate myself for using it to help. This is one hell of a journey and I need some scaffolding!!

    Be kind to yourself and again Well done!! 😊

  • Thank you

  • Melsamoo...You only fail when you give up completely...You should not see this as failure but a learning curve...There will be a lot more difficult times on your path to freedom...This quit thing is like a carry it and it becomes a pocket size stone and one day you feel in your pocket and find a pebble...which after a while turns into a sand grain...if itever becomes dust...we don't know but worth waiting to see !!

  • Thank you I'll keep that in mind

  • My 0mg arrived today so I'm gonna top up my vape to lower the amount and just too it up till it's on 0 or at least with a few drops mixed and go from there. Thanks everyone for your support feeling alot better today let's say normal " " till on Monday when I can hopefully start at the gym

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