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Day 35 and in a right mood

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Hello all,

Not sure if its happening to everyone around this stage but god am I grumpy today. First day back at work after a long weekend off and everyone was annoying me. Just wanted to retreat to my cave. Feel almost tearful for absolutely no reason.

Not sure if its quit related or hormonal or just a general down day but its rubbish. I did have some cravings on the train on the way home tonight. Almost felt like anxiety.

Dissapointed as the past week has been really good and I've achieved some firsts.

Sorry to be a grouch but needed to get it off my chest.

Thank god for this forum and you guys. Don't think I would have lasted without you all.

Hope everyone else is having a better smoke free day.


5 Replies


Can't even get the blinkin right board. Sorry!!


Hi Debs, Dont worry u could have and probably would have had a day like this as a smoker, so do not thinks its anything to do with your quit.

It will soon pass, Your doing brilliant Stay Strong Kaz :p



It will pass. Just when you are getting comfortable in your quit suddenly you feel like you're going backwards. It happened to me around this time. Trust that it will be OK again. Get an early night and see what tomorrow brings. Take care.




Kaz thanks for that. I read you post last night and decided that I can't blame everything on not smoking. I think that being at this early stage in my quit just seems to magnify everything in a way. Still a bit down in the dumps but had lots of chocolate and an early night and determined to stay as cheery as I can today :)

Angela, thanks. I had noticed that a few of us around the same stage were feeling similar so its good to know it's not abnormal. I will look forward to feeling better again.




Hi Debs

Hows things now? Hope they are better for you!

I too noticed myself moody and quite honestly in a rage for no apparent reason. It then dawned on me it's the dreaded hormonal time and then I realised I get like this every month it's no worse than usual.

I came to the conclusion that I am doing fine with the no smoking - it's the PMT I can't handle lol.

As soon as I seperated them I felt better immediately.


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