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Day 3 Slight change in mood

Good Morning all,

Well after having a good couple of days I have woken up this morning feeling a little grumpy (not too bad). I just have this tense feeling and hoping it will pass.

I am not sure if it is just me though. My partner who is also giving up has had a difficult few days and seems to bite my head off at the slightest thing so maybe I am just irritable because I am getting fed up trying to be supportive but not feeling appreciated.

The one good thing is my cravings yesterday and this morning are a lot better and I didn't even think about cigarettes last night so although I am feeling tense I am also feeling more optimistic.

Good luck to all


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I was extremely moody the first 3 days, so that is only to be expected. I quit on my own and basically isolated myself during my initial quit and I think that was helpfull to me.

Yesterday (my day 5) I had exactly what you are having: My cravings weren't "that bad", but I had this tense feeling inside, kinda like being extremely impatient and fed up, and it led to a bit of a headache.

Today it's completely gone and I'm feeling fantastic, so just hang in there.


Thanks Smokecat,

I am feeling a little better but still uptight. There is a bloke who has parked his range rover in the wrong space and I really want to let his tires down :D (I won't though because that's not me) It is so tempting :rolleyes:



Beinbg irritable is normal. Make the most of it whilst you have an excuse :D


I am feeling much better now.

My partner has finally got the results of his blood tests and from being told he could possibly have leukemia or a failing pancreas he has been given the all clear. Not sure what caused his blood to behave the way it did so not counting my chickens yet but at least I know that at this point our worst fears have not materialized.

I asked him whether now he knows he is ok if he wanted to take up smoking again and his answer was no way. We have finally taken the plunge and we are going to stick with it.

I was so pleased to hear him say that :D

I also went to the shop at lunch time and put some chewing gum in the bin. People had put their cig butts out on the top of the bin and the smell was terrible. Also passed a bloke smoking and didn't much like that either. Never realized how smelly cigs were.


PS. Still feel like letting the tyres down though but thats just because I have had the idea in my head all morning :D


Great that it was good news from the doc Lingy - that must be a huge weight off your minds. And well done to both of you for sticking with the non-smoking anyway!

As for the grumpiness, my husband and I seem to be taking it in turns. On the occassions where we have both been hit at the same time, we have ended up saying really mean things to each other but in a funny way that leaves us laughing miserably. It can only get better.


Thanks Mrs T,

When we are at home we have got some good games on the Wii to help with the stress relief my favorite is a sword fight game (mind you I use that if he beats me at other games to get my own back and give him a good beating) I usually feel so much better and no one gets hurt. :)



My wife's just randomly a meany....I'm an angel of course :rolleyes:


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