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Day 8... good start... going downhill

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Woke up feeling fine, had to visit docs for check up and as it was to do with breathing and my lungs I was looking forward to letting him know Id stopped smoking, well forget the praise, he just went on about how I should never have started (pity it was 27 yrs ago eh), he refused to test my peak flow which was at 250 2 weeks instead of 700 ( I thought it surely had improved and would give me a boost)... his idea of advice was watch what you eat or ul put lots of weight on , well im 8st 11lbs so a bit of weight is hardly the worst thing in the world, better than smokng. To top it all I was reading posts and feel deflated further that some people really struggle months down the line, I cant face feeling rotten for months and months on end... Oh dear sorry for the rant folks, not the best day..... BUT NOT BAD ENOUGH TO SMOKE

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hi karyn, if i can be frank, your doctor sounds like an asshole.

You just keep reminding yourself what an amazing thing you are doing and enjoy the odd treat.

i for one support you all the way.

Aww thanks magic.... the problem with my doctor is that I said how much better Ive felt in the past week due to not smoking and for him the praise wasnt going his way due to all the meds hes had me on in the past 3 months... he hates smoking so much he cant even give praise for quitting which is madness but only criticise for doing it in the first place ...

i bet he has never smoked so can never truly understand what a grip it has on people and what a massive thing it is to quit.

You are doing brilliantly and you should be very proud, ingore your doughnut of a doctor.

Ignore your doctor. Be proud of yourself for quitting. If he is annoyed that he wasn't able to help you then that's his problem. In terms of your treatment though I would say your peak flow is a big deal. You are well within your rights to complain. How can he treat you properly if he is not doing the job of diagnosing you? Don't let him get you down, just picture the reaction if you have to tell him you are smoking again and that should put you off a cig.

Oh God K that is just awful, the last thing you need is a jumped d1ck who thinks he knows the world when clearly he dont know his ass from his elbow. I would recommend you change doctors and next time he ever says " you should never of started " uyou just say " you should of remained a stain on your farthers lap but I'm not complaining" harsh i know but sometimes these people need this....

How rude.

Well honey we all have good and bad days and be assured some people take months to recover and I mean months some people never actually get over the smoking, but like me I have hard days honey but it will go away, i feel a million times better than 7 weeks ago and I know in another 7 weeks it will be better again, smoking my dear will be come a thought in time.

Kepp positive, for get that thing you call a doc, ask for a new one I did.

I remember one doctor she was absolute vile to me, vile and actually called me dramatic when I asked for antibiotics as thought had chest infection.... i have never condoned men hitting woman until then... infact you could you could not even say that as she looked more like Hulk Hogan with a million lemons in her mouth she looked that sour....

keep it up girl ;-)

hugs xxx

lol...... made me laugh.... To be honest hes past it and should retire, I have been attending his son who is a breath of fresh air but due to taking forever to get to the bottom of things he asked if Id go see him.... me stopping smoking may not have solved the issues but has went a long way to relieving the shitty way Ive been for past 3 months....when i asked to be do the test thing again that would have taken up a whole minute or two he dismissed me and said look it will take 2 years to right itself.... hmmmm inspiring ... not, anyway onwards and upwards lol

Hi Karyn

Well done for stopping. It's a great thing you've chosen to do and most good docs would have been encouraging and pleased I would have thought.

Can I ask if you are treated for Asthma? I was first diagnosed as asthmatic late in life when I was 40,and when doc told me what I had, I told him If that was asthma I had had it since I was a child. I did not smoke at that time and hadn't for years. Anyhoo, they prescribed me a peak flow monitor so I could check at home. Can you get one one prescribed or buy one?

My peak flow was 220 when I stopped smoking. After just a couple of weeks it had shot up to 350. At it's best mine was only ever 420. 700 is massive!

You can check what yours should be here:

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Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

Ignore that doctor!

How terribly unsupportive and demoralising your GP is. :(

Hardly surprising you're feeling discouraged.

Well done you for not giving up your resolve though!

It DOES get easier. Every week it gets easier. The cravings don't disappear over night. They will pounce on your when you're least expecting it but it does get progressively less intense.

The posts when people are still having cravings etc after months are just the different stages that people go through. For example; I am coming to the end of 8 weeks, and yes, every day I still have cravings - and they are a pain in the bottom! However, the hardest week of all, and I bet everyone would agree, is that first week! No matter what the next few months throw at you, NOTHING is as bad as that first week. I've had a rotten day at work and usually I'd be smoking twice as much and telling myself I deserved it. Due to the bad day my cravings and the desire to smoke has popped up a bit more... but not once did I feel in danger of smoking. Even if someone was trying shove one into my mouth I'd have snapped it and threw it back at them.

So, no it's not going to be easy, nothing worth having ever does come easy. But for every week that goes by, the cravings get less frequent and you become more practiced at overcoming them. Overcoming them becomes a pleasure... And the great thing is, you will start to feel better at the same time.

Keep going, you've done brilliantly to get through that first week. Don't let one ignorant GP tell you otherwise!

Lauren X


Stop worrying about stuggleing for months. Just think of today and when tomorrow comes just get over that day also. It really is one day at a time. You will find plenty of people on here who have had their ups and downs but are winning the battle. Stopping smoking really is a big achievement and you are winning the battle also. You wont feel rotten for ever.

Just stick at it and ignore Doc, he's abviously past it or perhaps he was always an arse.

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I'm six or seven months into my quit. I'm not struggling, and I haven't been struggling for five or six months.

Do I occasionally think about having a cigarette? Yes.

Do I get all freaked out about that? No.

Do I think I'm over it and have nothing to fear? No. I'm still only one cigarette away from starting all over.

Does that bother me? No. While the thought of smoking comes up every once in a while, it's just not that big a deal any more.

Don't worry about struggling for months. As many have said or will say, just take it a day at a time, and before you know it, it will have been several months and you'll barely think about it.

I'm not super-human; I'm an ordinary guy and if I can do it, anyone can do it.

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