Day 1 for me again!!

Happy New Year all, I hope you have all had a fab Christmas.

Well this is it my first day again of being smoke free. It was supposed to be yesterday but it didn't happen so is today instead.

I am not using anything this time I have just read a lot about the effects of smoking. In fact I have a book on order from Amazon now.

Last time I used Champix, nearly lasted a month then very stupidly let something get to me and the first thing I turned to was a fag. I was so annoyed as I let myself down and my quit buddies on here down.

But I'm back now - day 1 I know very early days but I have contingency plans!!

Tinks xx

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  • TINKS.....lovely to have you back my love.

    You know the score sweetie and we are ALL here for you. Still have you on my clip board for monthly checkins even if they are in a differEnt room...I can travel!!!;)

    You are The Octoquits excuse for one hell of a New Year party in the penthouse next year.:D


  • Day 1 is the best day you'll have prior to day 2! It's full of day 1 excitement....and possibly wind!

  • Good Luck Tinks

    We are all rooting for you ....pop in and say hello anytime

  • Well done for getting back on board. You know the drill, you can do it. Use the site and the websites to help getting back on track and getting your head organised, learn lots about the addiction and what happens to you when stopping.

    There are quite a few new stoppers in January, perhaps you could start a group.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  • Lovely to see you back in the puff free wagon Tinks :)


    Shout out and lean on us for support, remember your not alone

    Love Pol x

  • Great to see you back Tinks

    You know how to do this, and all the Octoquits are here for you...... this time you'll do it.

  • Hi Tinks :D

    Welcome back to day 1 and well done restarting your smoke free life

    We'll all help as much as we can Promise


    Marg xx

  • Best of luck, dont think i was around last time but ill help as best i can this time round!!

  • hi tinks

    hope u had a good xmas to, mine was good thanks

    and good luck with your quit again

    Geoff x

  • It's lovely to have you back my lovely. You know the pitfalls, but you can do this. You need knitting, crosswords but most of all lollipops!

    Sending you a hug sweetheart

  • Thank you all very much for your words of encouragement and support it does mean a lot. This site really is fabulous!

    Well today is going OK so far, however I do think from previous quits that day 1 is easier than day 3, week 3 (if that makes sense)

    There is absolutely no way I'm going to let this bloody thing beat me again!

    I've already had negative comments from certain family members like "you quit smoking - yeah right" "you couldn't do last time so why bother"! I'll prove them wrong ;)

    Anyway I have loads of gum and SUGARFREE sweets oh and a nice new Nintendo DS from Santa (big kid I know :D) At least it's keeping my mind busy and will probably be my best friend for next few weeks/months. I'm getting really good at the Brain Training game - Mensa here I come!!:p

    I hope you are all have a fab smoke free day.

    Take care

    Tinks xx

  • go show em boss tink

    Geoff x

  • Right attitude Tinks - prove them wrong - we all know you can do it :o

  • hey tinks welcome back

    sod ur family u can do it..... its a fact most smokers/drug adict fail 2/3 times an sucede 3rd 4th time

    i got one of my cats on my knee... shes a monkey....wen i stop strokin her she gets annoyed.... keeps my ands busy .... works for me

    hope we chat more

    xx Sue

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