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Day 1 again tomorrow :)

So this month i have smoked 6 out of the 19 days which is not bad. it has been a stressful time as its the first annerversary of my dads passing, so been abit up and down. Today has reminded me of why i came to decide i wanted to quit in the first place, because they helped end my dads life at 53 (heart attack). I know he wouldnt want me to come to same fate, so i guess i kind of wanted to do it for him, and not let mistakes be repeated for my children.

So i shall have a last little puff before bed in a sec, and wake back up with my quick mist spray and plod on.

Night and happy quiting to all :) xxxx

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Hiya Nikki, i just popped over here fer a nosey around and come across your post , 1st of all , good luck for tomorrow hunnie, never give up trying ya hear ! Your post brought back memories of me own dads passing , due too your dads young age , My dad dropped dead in the street threw a massive heart attack and he was only 55, wich is 4 yrs older than me ! Now i was only 21 wen my dad died , but wen i was a young girl he seemed ancient too me , its only now im 51 ( today lol ) that i see he wasnt ancient, he was only youngish like your dad ,and even tho i dont remember anyone sayin it was smoke related , it probably was , coz me dad smoked woodbine ciggies wich were bleedin killers dead strong and didnt have no filter attached , i used too rob them out his box and sneak off and have a sly smoke wen i was eleven ,:D So hunnie , try your best cos ya dad will be lookin down urging you on , make him proud eh :) xx


Have a good day tomorrow hun,we have all had are blips me more than I care to remember, hopefully this time I have cracked it.

I am sure your dad will be cheering you on and watching over you.

Love Joan x


So very sorry to hear you lost your dad so young Nikki. Thats cruel and I can hardly imagine how much it must hurt. All the very very best with your quit. You can do this. The one thing I would say is this......dont do it for your dad, nor for your children, or for anyone but yourself. Do it because YOU love YOU and because you love life. Do it selfishly for your self. The rest is an added bonus. Tiny steps....minute by minute. I'm peeping back from day 16 and yelling....COME ON NIKKI.....its this way :)

Good luck.


Hope all is going well today! I can relate to your story as my dad went the same way only aged 58; just approaching the 6th anniversary of him moving on.


Hey thank you so much for your lovely kind messages! :o im getting on fine today, even been to the pub for a roast with only one crave :p

scousemum, what you said really made sense to me and happy birthday! lol yes my dad died exactly the same, kick starting his motor bike and hit the ground. The doctors didnt say 'oh yes through smoking' but his main artery was really clogged and this caused it, and we have all seen the news about smoking and the arteries, and well the filthy things dont help anyone do they!he never used filters on his roll ups either. he was still very much full of life as you are scousemum, and this really made see how we treat our bodies very seriously.

yes he would say to me stop while you can, as he had a massive go at me when i started as he knew the slavery that comes with it.

anyways. heres to our health and a happy long life everyone, keep up the good work. i think we are worth it :) xxxxx


Well done Doll, :D xx One day at a time Nikki, it duz get easier over time , just let them craves wash ova ya wen they happen then say, feck you im bigger than you now getta feck !! hehe , baby steps 1st doll then the rest will follow :) xx


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