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No Smoking Day
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Revisiting Day 1 again

Hi all!

I managed to quit smoking on December 4th 2011 in probably the darkest period of my life when I was going through very heavy depression and anxiety. Over the months I've pretty much recovered however I have a bad week every now and again.

Unfortunately one of these rough weeks got to me and I had a mega weak moment and relapsed! Im not to down with it as I know it must be the way it has to be. Onwards and upwards I say, let day 1 begin again!

I forgot how bad cravings were, I think about my friends who still smoke and think "wow, how are they dealing with that everyday!". I guess the next few days will be a bit of a rough ride but ill be plain sailing after that :) Luckily I haven't really been smoking again long enough to build up too many associations so I can just ride the cravings out without wanting a cigarette most of the time :)

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0ood luck! Good for you to be back on the quit wagon again!



Good to hear you are back on track Robin :) I wish you all the best with your quit..i'm sure you will be successful this time



Glad that you are giving it another go. My quit has also been in a bad period as I am also in the middle of changing long term medication which is stimulant based. So I have had withdrawal symptoms from that mainly in the form of anxiety and depression. I'm just over one month quit. My quit wasn't really planned I just simply became too anxious to smoke! I'm just hoping that when I start feeling a lot better that I don't give in. But I think if we can do it whilst having other stuff going on then we are strong enough to keep going. So I'm sure you will keep this quit going.


Everybody loves a trier Robin :D

Great to see you've jumped back on the wagon so quickly.

I hope it all works out this time and the other stuff going on in your life gets sorted or at least evens out.

If you are struggling, hit the forum, there's always someone on hand to help you through the bad times :)



Hi Robin, welcome back. I too am back at Day 1 today, having quit on 8th September last year and achieving around 110 days.

Last time was Champix, but just going CT this time. In fact, having had the 100+ day success I am not at all nervous as I know it can be done. Just have to remain wary. My starting again was really out of curiosity because I was sure that 1 wouldn't hurt. Same old story.....


Hi Robin and Bafan99...well done to both of you and welcome to the forum...I am on day 18 and this forum has been a great help to me..xx


It's a pain sometimes when we go back to the habit but sometimes a necessary one .. each time takes you that bit closer to the goal so don't give up .. never loose the target from your eye and you WILL get there. My god we can only learn the same lessons so many times, surely. :p

Suze (probably on my 5th attempt, each attempt bringing an element of good health but not great on the waistline so this is REALLY the one!)


Welcome back Robin - I hope that this quit proves to be the one for you. Use what you learned last time, and add to it this time.

Bafan - sorry to hear that you slipped up too. Didn't you ever hear what curiosity did to the cat?? :rolleyes:

Wishing you both the best of luck. And well done for getting back to it quickly. The last time I slipped up, I smoked for another six years before trying again. :(


Good luck to both of you. I did a very similar thing, breaking a six month quit over christmas. But this time round, I am feeling stronger and more determined, so I won't be making the same mistakes again. :D


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