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No Smoking Day
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back to day 3 again

well, i tried to quit about a month ago and made it completely smoke free for 2 and a half weeks with patches and this forum for help then an incident at work caused me to reach for a cigarette. I smoked 2 or 3 straight after each other and felt a little calmer but then felt so peed off that i had smoked so i snapped the other 7 up and put them in the bin.

I had been keeping a record on the white board of the amount of hours smoke free and was up to 380 ish and went and rubbed it off and put 0 there, but that made me feel even worse, so i knocked 24 hours off for that day and went on from 356 hours. but those 3 that i had had started me off again and I couldnt get through the next day without 1 or 2 and over the past few weeks have gone a day or 2 without any then had 10 a day for a few days then a few days without again but never past the 3 days without.

Now sort of on day 4 as had last one on friday lunchtime so by lunch today it will be 72 hours.

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Well done on picking up and starting over

Well done glass, you are through the first 3 days, don't let anything pull you off track again as it does get easier, if I can do it anyone can.

Read as much as you can, list your reasons for not smoking, sort out how you are going to reward yourself and more than anything else never take another puff it really isn't worth it. The nico demon will always lay traps, your goal is not to fall into them, the demon will always say just one, whenever life gets a little rocky, ignore the demon, it's lying. All you will do will let yourself down.

Also remember to not be too hard on yourself, show yourself some love, this is a hard thing you're doing - have your rewards ready.



Well done on quitting again, no matter what this time though, don't find any excuses to go running the shops/garage to get 10 again.

Its strange this nicotine addiction, it plays with your mind quite a bit.. for some they just look for a strong enough reason to 'have one' and others it takes a serious upset... in your case an incident at work.

The end result is always the same though.. you and only you are the one who walks to the shop and only you asks the shop assistant for the cigarettes.. and only you lights one or more of them up once bought.

Its a conscious choice made by you, and its all driven by the addiction and the fabled nicotine demon.

The relapse you had may well help you realise this quit that you CAN DO BETTER, and i'm sure you will, but make some serious steps to ensure that no matter what life throws at you? You don't reach for the cigarettes again as a temporary fix to a problem.

Always, always always be stronger than the addictions call for feeding.. always tell it NO.. and be firm about it. So many folk who've been through the 3rd week and beyond.. some months.. others a year or more.. will tell you... 'stick at it!', 'carry on!'..... and why? because we know that once you get past a certain amount of time into a quit.. you are able to deal with all lifes problems just fine without ever needing a smoke.. or feeling desire for one.

So best of luck. I really hope this quit gets off to a flying start for you, and wish you all the very best.



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