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Back again and on day 2

Hi anyone who helped me on my brief quit 2 weeks ago....

Well I'm back again on day 2, not been TOOOO bad, few wobbly stressful craves but feel calmer on the Champix than I did day 2 on NRT, think NRT just wasn't for me, each to their own....

Anyway, been reading up on tips for sleeplessness. I suffered the same on NRT ie cold sweats and awake most of the night so it must just be an effect of me giving up the weed..... knackered though!!!

Anyway, looking forward to speaking to you all again, tomorrow dreaded day 3.......argh

Good luck to everyone be you an old timer or newbie..

Take care, Jane x

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Howdy Jane. Well done on getting back to it quickly. Good luck with the quit. Get the first 3 days out of the way and it will become easier for you. ;) x


Thanks Natasha and well done on your day 8!!! How are things for you are they settling down??



Thanks Jane. At the moment they feel ok. Early days but just takin things one day at a time. Days 5 & 6 were horrendous, but moods have been better since! If there is anything I have noticed that's positive it's that my hair smells nice, haven't noticed anything else apart from not spending so much money - which is a bonus! Need to stick to a new budget plan,and no accounting for ciggarettes - they got to go! x


Welcome back Jane. :)

I am finding the Champix brilliant;

I'm sure I've got it sussed this time, lots of research and reading and finally recognising the evil weed and nicotine "addiction" for what it really is.!:D

Have you visited ? I thoroughly recommend it! :)


hi Jane..

glad things going a bit better for you this time..I'm taking Champix

too - though only half dose..finding it SO much easier this time (serial

quitter:() although for some obscure reason, 2nd week proving more

difficult than first:confused:

good luck, stay strong, stay on-line!!:)



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