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Back again one year later!

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Never get complacent! If you see some of my previous posts last year, you'll see how happy and free of nicotene I was.

That stopped after just three months last year; I got complacent, and started smoking again.

After feeling pretty lousy this last few weeks, i'm going to free myself again today. I hate waking up, smoking, and feeling flat all day. I remember how I felt when I quit, and those memories resurfaced when I looked over my posts last year.

Lunchtime today is my second serious attempt. I have plans that don't involve smoking. I want to be free again.

Wish me luck!

11 Replies

Wish me luck!

NO!! i cant do that.

Its not down to luck its down to getting your head in the right place to quit.

The way to do that is to understand why you smoke, what to expect when you stop and how to deal with the things that you will face when you quit.

Read everything you can on whyquit and you will understand your quit and thus get your head in the right place.

And then you will realise that "LUCK" does not come into it. :D


Ditto what John said :)

You KNOW you can do this! :)

Onwards and Upwards! :D


I'm kicking myself for using such a stupid phrase..! :mad:

whyquit was a great foundry of information a year back. it's improved since and i'm relearning it bit by bit. the smokers body is particulary nasty to look at, and makes you think, what if?

I'm fed up of Nic and I want freedom again for myself.

I am reminded by a phrase I use myself, "you are defined by what you do, not what you say or think".

Thanks John :)


Hi greenbyname - well done for coming back!

I know so well how easy it is to get complacent about quitting. I have failed my quit SO many times because I have thought, oh I'll only smoke the occasional one of my hubby's or I'll just smoke one a day in the evening!

IT DOESN'T WORK! Remember - a non-smoker doesn't smoke ANY not one puff. I now think of myself as a non-smoker, therefore I don't smoke - full-stop.


Welcome back and well done on not giving up. Good luck this time, you know you can do it just keep choosing not to have that ciggy and you will get there.




Well done GBN for giving it another go, keep strong:).


Hi There

Welcome back to the forum it is not luck you need for your quit it is sheer determination on your part not to be beaten but you already know this and the importance of reading anything you can find you also know we will give you all the help and support we can You now you can do this you just have to believe it as well

All the best



Glad you came back,I hope you stick with it this time.You know you can do it.


mirror mirror

hi mate

done the same as you got to 107 days last year and started smoking again for no good reason.

so i have tried again and it has been 3 months and 5 days on my little quit meter and i am going for gold.

i can remember the good times of going most of the day not even thinking about a ciggie unless someone walks past me smoking and it nice that i am getting that feeling all over again and it has strengthened me to remain smoke free.

all the best




good on you for getting back on the wagon! Keep going!


Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement.

The quit has been fairly easy, as I just decided to stop it hasn't been hard, so far. My head is killing me though, had a headache all day. Think it is the oxygen and blood sugar sorting itself out.



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