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3 Months.....some musings


This is prpobable my last "New Thread" in month 3 (as I'm now in Month 4 Whoo- Hoo) but I just thought I'd share some thoughts about how I thought my month 3 went (hopefully it will help somebody).

Is month 3 really part of the "Dreaded 3s"? - Probably. Early in Month 3 I had a really bad time - like some others on here. It was like the "pain" of the initial quit had gone and there was nothing to really fight against - so the urge to smoke was really strong. I hope this makes sense. However, after reading loads of messages here it gave me the focus to look through that - and to stick to my quit. So to others who may experience this - DON'T GIVE IN. It will pass.

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that my concentration, certainly at work, is RAZOR sharp! (Not so good as I seem to be creating loads of work for myself!!) But this is great, as there was a time I thought that if my concentration doesn't improve I'm going to get the sack!! - Again if there is anyone worried about this it will pass.

My skin is glowing!! Everyone keeps telling me how healthy I look.

Sleep - Perhaps my last niggly worry (for the moment at least) - I am sleeping WONDERFULLY!!! Really good quality sleep. BUT I am finding it a bit difficult to get up in the morning and just turn over and press snooze on the alarm. Now this could be the time of year (who does want to get up at the moment?) but I am used to getting up earlier. But this is very minor.

My lungs feel HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! Like I could breath in forever!!

Do I have cravings? - Actually this is difficult to say. I have "wants" but they pass quickly. And I'm getting through the days no problem at all. I still have moments when I think "what am I going to do if I'm not smoking" - but again they pass.

So - overall an up and down month - but on balance more up than down.

My continued good luck and good wishes to all.

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AG, what a fab post and really positive for all us Month 2ers on our way to Month 3 this month.

The threes always get a bad name and it is great to see such positivity and things to look forward to.

Congratulations on 3 months.....and watch out for us all joining you in January....



Liked your post, makes me think things will definitely improve! Enjoy your time in the next room!! ;)


Dear Atomicguy, Congratulations and Best wishes on this milestone. I am in the fourth month myself and would like to ditto your statements on sleep and cravings. The return of my lung functions is my most cherished part of the quit. The cravings, wants, notions, whatever you call them are fleeting and not very strong but are real. Good for you for reaching the four month mark.


Thanks for your messages guys.

Lornaj/DeeDee - hope these littel ramblings help. Just stick at it!

Stump - see you in Month 4! Don't I owe you a pint? :D


Congrats on keeping with the positive vibe and playing down the negative bits. It takes practice but i think we are getting there eh!

Re-learning how to 'do life' without taking in a drug every hour takes time, but we are doing this... you are doing this..

so congratulations, and glad to hear things are ramping up for you quit wise.. certainly sound positive to me ! :)


Hey Atomicguy,

that was a good post! You sound like you have a good, solid quit going! If you like how you feel after 3 months quit, you just wait and see how the next few months go! It is so good to start feeling normal again, no?! A better normal.

I wouldn't worry about the waking up bit..... it's gotten darker and colder and I have to force myself out of bed every morning, too (after at least 4 or 5 snoozes)..... think it's a seasonal thing ;)

Congratulations to you and welcome to your month 4!


good posting sir - congrats on arriving at month 4 :D


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