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A funny old week...some musings

Well it certainly has been an odd week. Perhaps its part of the dreaded 3s (as I'm now in my 3rd month).

Monday and Tuesday - felt absolute cr*p! Could not get out of bed - and was all feverish and shivery - am now sure it was a flu like thingy (as you can see I'm no doctor!). Really got me down. And of course my shoulder is still mending (infact growing new bone so I'm told) - so my body is working a bit of overtime at the moment. But during this time I hardly thought about smoking or fags at all. So that was good.

Wednesday - felt a bit better (but still a bit tired) and made it into work - was pretty useless tho I must say. Still no real smoking thoughts.

Thursday - felt much better - so what did I think about all day - having a fag!! Madness!! Everything I did - cup of tea, have a bath, sit in front of the tv - my first thought was - "I feel like a fag". They were more feelings of something lost - rather than a full on sofa-gnawing-I'm-gonna-kill-you craving - and they passed. But it was odd.

Today - am in work - and better still. Not thinking about them so much - and work has been great today. But have got a sort of hollow feeling at the back of my throat sometimes - like I want a good drag of a fag to get that burning feeling.

I won't of course - and will wait for this to pass.

Rome wasn't built in a day - and I smoked nearly 30 years - so its a hell of a change for a body and mind to go through.

10 weeks monday! Here I come.

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You'll get through it mate. I can only offer you re-assurance that these feelings and thoughts do pass. I had a tricky 3rd month, i was prepared for it just in case so when it happened it didnt' surprise me. It was a bit challenging and on some days confusing a bit.. but it passes.

Stick with the game plan, your doing great. Keep being proud of what you are doing.


Cheers Jase - its reading the messages on here - and the support - that has helped me this week.

Hope to be able to post a more upbeat message next week.


If you don't fancy posting something upbeat, please feel free to send me a pm with as many swear words in it as you like. sometimes it just helps to paint something exactly how it seems, i'll do my best to help out if i am able.

You're not alone in how you are feeling on month 3 though, but it doesn't stay like that, of that i can definitely vouch.




Its a lovely autumnal day.. go for a walk... get some of that fresh air in your system.. you don't need to actually be going anywhere.. just grab some 'me time'. When i had days where i felt a bit :( and :eek: i found a walk helped alot.

Stick at it m8y. Believe.




Cheers mate - been reading stuff on this forum - a lot of messages you've written - and am feeling ..well...really quite damned good at the mo.

Yes it is a lovely day - ann I'm going to go for a drive in a sec - and then head to Westfield fo some me-treats! HA!

You have a good one also!


But have got a sort of hollow feeling at the back of my throat sometimes - like I want a good drag of a fag to get that burning feeling.

I know that feeling well! Horrible isn't it?

Glad you are still resisting the urge to smoke, well done!


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