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3 months complete!

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I've now been quit for a whole 3 months, although it still doesn't seem to have quite sunken in yet! In part it's probably because I'm having the dreaded 'smoking dream' several nights a week - I'm not sure whether the dreams are causing nostalgic 'cravings' or if it's the other way round. It's not too bad though, just a bit annoying sometimes!

I have entered another depressive phase, which makes it a little more tricky, because my brain still associates smoking with relief, and also because it makes it difficult to feel proud/pleased with what I've achieved. But I've started some new meds that should help (certainly they've helped me sleep - I didn't get up until 3 today :eek:).

I'm still pretty reliant on NRT, but for the moment I'm not too concerned - I'll wait until the festive season is over before I tackle that.

I hope everyone else's quits are going well. I don't feel like I'm in a place to offer much support to people at the moment - not while my mood is set somewhere between blank and negative :rolleyes:.

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Hi Jen good to hear from you again and fantastic that you've done 3 months.

I think dreams are our way of making sense of whats going on in our lives and I even think that they help with dealing with stuff because people who are deprived of dream sleep find waking life really difficult. You've stopped smoking now for long enough for your brain to realise its "serious" and I guess it takes a bit of adapting to because smoking was such a big part of life.

Hope to see you in month 4/5 room soon! :D

I slept longer than usual last night. I drink a glass of milk before bed maby that helped. I feel better and not as shaky. I was dreaming too but I dont never remember exactly what. I do know I thought somebody knocked on door in dream and then I got up thinking was that dream or real.

Hi Jen

Firstly, you deserve a massive cheer of CONGRATULATIONS for your 3 months quit and the very best wishes for your time in the MONTH 4/5 room.. :)

I'm sorry to hear that you are still struggling with " smoke dreams ", sleep problems and cravings !! It probably should not be surprising that you are feeling down with all those problems weighing on you. :( However if your sleep pattern is now fixed then that should be a big help to your general "feel good factor". I know that I'm able to face most problems in life when I'm well rested and minor problems become big mountains when I'm tired. :confused:

It's also disappointing to realise that so many of the SSS club members continue to struggle so far into their quits. I almost feel guilty that I seem to be sailing smoothly at the moment.

You stay strong, better days are coming for you, "believe it"........ :D

I don't feel like I'm in a place to offer much support to people at the moment - not while my mood is set somewhere between blank and negative

So good to see you here Jen - and if you aren't feeling up to celebrating three months, then you just leave that to us to do - you have done fantastically! :D Glad to hear that your new meds are giving you a bit more confidence - just the sleeping alone sounds good!

I think you are 100% right not to worry about the NRT - especially with Christmas coming up. Just do whatever it takes to maintain your balance.

And don't you worry about supporting everyone else for the time being - there is enough support to spare anyway, and this is the time for you to be a recipient. Be gentle with yourself - you know that this is a phase and you will see it through.


Thanks everyone for your support x

My sleep problems have been ongoing for a long time - I think I spend too much time in dream-sleep and not enough in deep sleep, which is a tricky one to solve as I can't really stop it (hoping that's what the meds will do!). What bugs me most about the smoking dreams is that I sort of know I'm dreaming (weird, I know :rolleyes:) and that I can 'get away with it' - but I don't want to feel like that, I want my brain to be reconditioned to see smoking as not desirable!! I sometimes think my brain has a mind of its own...:confused:

I do want to clarify that I'm not struggling with the quit per se, I'm just struggling in general with stuff, which makes everything a bit harder. I don't want anyone getting discouraged because they read my posts and think it's too difficult :)!


Don't want to try to influence your quit plans... but want to tell you... I only had one period of having "smoke dreams" and that was when I was trying to reduce NRT. I struggled with the reduction plan and decided to stop using it completly. I had about 2 shitty days after stopping but haven't had any problems or dreams since.:)

That was MY experience you could be different.... :confused: :)

Hello Jen

Well done on completing 3 months, that's such an achievement. I know you have said your sleep problems were long term but tiredness is also a side affect of using patches so just wondering if it's aggravating your sleep further. Also, as Grumpie says, dreaming is another side affect and not just smoking dreams either!! hehehe ;):D

Hopefully when the new meds kick in you will start to feel better.

Good luck and stay strong.


:D CONGTULATIONS on getting to 3months.

All the best in your quit.


Congratulations on completing 3 months, you have done so well and should be proud of yourself :D Hope the dreams stop soon :(

Three months!


Woot woot, jen! Give yourself an enormous pat on the back.

I think you deserve the helsbelles seal of approval:

Well Done Jen

You doing so well, I think we need a party :D . I am so proud of you achieving 3 month. :D I am missing your posts :p

Thanks everyone! Helen, I love the seal.

Feeling much better today and more celebratory, so I have made some mince pies to take to work. Only problem is, I want to eat them all now :D!

I will also be having a glass of wine (quelle surprise!) - need to road test potential interaction with meds before the work night out this week.

On another note, I think I know what's bugging me: I've yet to face the 'being offered a cig whilst under the influence' test. Only one of my friends round here smokes, and he's very supportive :).

CONGRATULATIONS To You I felt pretty good today too. May be I got that dreaded 3's out of my system. That is weird that month 3 is so tuff. I took some ibuprofen is about all I've done different the last 2 days which thins blood I think.

Well done Jen for reaching 3 months. sorry to hear your in a depressive phase and your right about smoking sounding like a quick fix to get you through it, it isnt , you just end up depressed in a cloud of smoke full of regret.

mash x:cool:

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