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3 calender months today!


Hi everyone, it will be 3 calender months for me on thursday 11th, and im so pleased to have got this far.

I never thought at the start of my quit that i would make it to here, but i have and it feels great to say im 3 months quit.

It hasnt been as hard as i thought but there have been some tough days when i could have easily turned back to smoking. I know that i can never just have one cig, for me it would be 20 a day if i had just one puff, so i battle with the thoughts when they come and i pray that i continue to win the battle, for me it is defiantely one step at a time, each day i choose not to smoke for today and each night i go to bed and am proud i have made that choice.

I do feel much better for choosing not to smoke and the health benefits for me are massive, so to anyone starting out on day one, go for it it is so worth it!

sorry for rambling,


thank you to everyone on this forum, the help and support on here is what has got me through, so congratualtions to everyone however long your quit!

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Well done on your 3 months you have done brilliant. You have helped me loads and it is great to see you get to another milestone.

Biggest hugs

Big well done Tracy on 3 calendar months.

Hope you have loads more :)


Hi Tracy, Brilliant post, and a massive big well done on getting this far in your quit, as u say, Not always been easy, but yeah certaintly worth it....

Really pleased for U, and heres to us celebrating 100 days

Thanks for all your support and keep doing what your doing Tracy cos its working.......Smokefree 4 Ever ..... Kaz xx:p

Hi Tracy :D

Huge well done getting to 3 months big hug for you



Marg xxxxxxxx

well done x

well done tracy, congratulations on your 3 months

100 days next!!

Thank you all for your replies, it helps so much to get the support and encouragement from you all, so thank you again!


and kaz your right to say keep on doing what your doing because its working!, think i might use that in the future! x

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Tracy,

Fantastic - so good to see you heading into month 4. £ months completed is such a good milestone. :D Stay strong.


Big well done to you! 100 days next! So many mmqs on their way through, its brilliant! xx

A huge well done Tracy - big hugs and kisses - you were such a help to me last week when I oh so nearly caved..... I can't wait to get there


Tracy well done what a great post you have done brilliantly big (((((hug))))) on its way to you.




Massive well done to you Tracy

3 months is brilliant, You'll be running 5k before you know it:p

Good luck with your run!!

3 Months completed

Hi Tracy, just wandering why u posted in 3 months and not 4- 5 months, Marg assured me I was in the correct place.... U have completed 3 now, and am sure u can move on, or am I cheating ha ha Kaz :D

Hi Kaz, you are so right! I have done 3 months so im off now, moving into the 4/5 month room! wahey i feel great now!


Well done Tracy you shoud be proud of your fab achievement. You helped me so much this week and I think it's great to see you doing so well.

Keep going, best of luck mate.


Congratulations Tracy 3 months is a great achievement.

I wish you many, many more smoke-free months.

Jackie :)

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